A good dating relationship as it should be… so that it doesn’t get cold.

  • Love means living in freedom

Freedom in a love relationship is continually endangered, which means the end of love. But we do not think about love but about being together, about belonging to each other. A flower withers if you take away its freedom.

But love is not sharing everything, ending your past, giving up friends and giving up things you don’t do together. A perfect dating relationship is about encouraging freedom. You don’t have to be together everywhere.

Being alone is a necessity and everyone should feel good and confident. Looking for a moment alone or with friendships that are not common does not mean little love to our partner. Happiness in couple needs to preserve individualities in a balanced way.

  • In a couple’s relationship, communication must progress.

How should be the communication in a couple relationship so that both feel happy? Communication determines both the quality of the relationship and our quality of life as a couple and as individuals.

Learn to communicate with your partner with words and actions. Observe and improve your behavior: how you say it and how you do it. Dialogue, or lack of it, creates the kind of relationship you want to live, whether you like it or not.

A couple that loves each other also argues, but thanks to dialogue, this can be turned into something constructive. Discussions test the quality of communication between the couple.

  1. Discuss only one topic at a time, learn to listen and be grateful.
  2. Communicate how you feel, without blaming your partner. Discuss to improve.
  3. Do not generalize (always, never, everything, nothing), focus on the concrete.
  4. Remember that you argue to agree, be kind, try not to get angry.
  5. Explain what bothers you and what you would like it to be, but be flexible.
  6. Don’t answer their reproaches with reproaches, it’s not about who wins the argument.
  7. Don’t wait for the need to discuss something to reach its explosive peak.
  • Learn to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

How would you see things from your partner’s position? It is normal that everyone fights for their own interests. But in a loving relationship, mutual interests are the most important. What should my dating relationship be like? A balance of both interests.

You don’t always have to agree with what your partner thinks. But neither can you insist that your point of view is the right one. Learn to be flexible, to compromise, to love each other and not take things so seriously. Learn to accept each other and be happy with your differences.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes without expecting the other person to do it. I know it’s not fair, but someone has to give in first and show the way with their attitude.

  • What matters is the quality time you share with your partner.

Being together and each of you engrossed in your cell phone is not sharing quality time. No matter how busy you are in your work life, love will find space and time to be together.

If you spend a lot of time together, don’t let the routine get the better of you. Create space and time to do new things together. Above all laugh a lot, remember your anecdotal moments and laugh a lot.

Keep in mind that we are creatures of habit. That is to say, in a short time couples get used to each other’s company and the routine begins. They let everything happen automatically and forget that love needs passion, new things.

Spending quality time together is essential to keep the flame of love burning. It is to continue living as lovers trying to conquer each other in deeper and deeper inner spaces.

  • You will have to learn to take care of love in a couple relationship.

At the beginning of a relationship everything is wonderful because we are more attentive to what interests us. In order to keep the relationship alive as it was at the beginning, we must not let routine or habit take over.

What should a dating relationship be like to last? As in the beginning, continue to be detailed, to say compliments, to say I love you, etc. Relationships are like plants, you have to keep watering them to keep them fresh, colorful and always renewed.

These are simple things, show appreciation, give flowers, have dinner together, keep the spark in the relationship, etc.

  • Whatever you want to change in your partner, you can change in yourself.

It is common to think about your partner, if only he/she would change… everything would be better. But it is a thought to which both of you are entitled. However, you yourself do not think about changing anything.

For a person to change, it is essential that he/she wants to change. It does not depend on us, but on his own will.

You may have noticed that nothing ever happens when we want to change others. But when we try to change ourselves, everything changes. We only have power over our own change.

Your dating relationship as it should be, for you to be happy? How is your love, because only for love, when that love exists you will want to change.

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