8 simple signs of love that show how much a man loves and respects his woman

A happy relationship isn’t tied to expensive gifts and luxurious living, though there’s nothing wrong with having them. Warmth and caring are what bind people who love each other. Small gestures have much much more value than pompous expressions of attention. What we feel in our heart is much more important than what we show the world! Psychologists have identified a few simple signs of love that are priceless and show how much a man really loves his woman!

When he can’t “peel himself away” from you
Yes, he’s late for work in the morning, but despite the immense rush, he doesn’t fail to press you to his side and kiss you goodbye! This tiny gesture actually says a lot. The rational male brain automatically weeds out the necessary from the unnecessary. And if it is important for him to press you against him, to glue his lips to yours, your forehead, your eyes or any other sensitive place, then he really feels this need. The need to be next to him. And he to you.

The welcome kiss says “I’m so glad to see you!” and the goodbye kiss says “I’ll miss you a lot!”.

When he needs physical closeness like air
Men were said to be temeruts, insensitive, what have you. Not so! It’s all individual, of course, but if a man feels the need for physical contact, he makes it happen. He doesn’t care who says what or what he says. If he wants to hug the woman of his life, nothing can stop him!

This helps him feel close to the one he loves. A touching and kind gesture. And they say hugs prolong life.

Little things are priceless
We’re so used to thinking “big” that we usually overlook them. And they are the most important. Very few women have the chance to receive a necklace worth hundreds of thousands of leva as a gift. But is that the most important thing? Love is not measured by money. If, when you are sick, he has walked all over the city in the rain, for example, to bring you medicine for relief, this is much more valuable than any other gift, even one of the highest material value. We are talking about things of this kind – seemingly small, but, in fact … the most important.

You are my world and I am happy about that!
Women are willing to do anything for the one they love. A woman in love strictly monitors her appearance, her manners, strives to be perfect for the most important man in her life. If he notices it, if he appreciates it and shares how happy it makes him, know ladies, this man loves you! You are his world. And everything in that world matters – the smile, the seductive outfit, the beautifully styled hair, the delicate manicure, everything… Because it’s part of the woman he’s willing to do anything for.

Thank you for cooking for me! And now I’ll cook for you!
I don’t count points in love. We love and that’s all that matters. Everybody wants to do something nice to please their mate. There’s nothing more precious than the two of you sitting in a cozy home corner, enjoying each other’s company and delicious food. Sometimes you cook and sometimes he does. Feeding the one you care about is a real pleasure!

I care about you because I don’t know what I would do without you
You are part of his life. The best part. And he doesn’t want to lose you. Did you dress warm enough? How are you feeling? Is everything all right? Questions like these show that your beloved perceives you as something really valuable.

How beautiful you are when you fall asleep in my arms!
You cuddled while watching a movie, and you fell asleep in his arms. He doesn’t dare move because he doesn’t want to spoil the physical contact moment. When we feel comfortable, secure, safe, that’s when we fall asleep the fastest. The very fact that you have relaxed in his arms is a great compliment to him. And he appreciates it. And he is happy about it!

Thanks for having you!
The magic word that breaks the ice and opens even the most firmly bolted doors. It doesn’t cost much. But it means a lot. Does he often say “thank you” to you? Thank you for what you do for me! Thank you for being in my life! Thank you for being in this world! Thank you, thank you, thank you… They say it’s the strongest vibe. Gratitude. Combined with pure love, it creates exactly the energy we need to fight through all the troubles and feel happy next to the person we love!