What To Do If I Have A Boyfriend And Fell In Love With Someone Else? 4 Tips That Never Fail

Here’s what you should do.

Did you meet someone else and don’t know what to do with your partner? The interactions we have every day can lead us to meet new people and connect with them. While it is true that from friendship to love there may be only one step, sometimes this step is nonexistent due to the affection that exists in a relationship, but it is not always so because there are shortcomings in a link that can lead you to look at someone else. If you think you are in love with someone else but you have a partner, we give you 4 tips to deal with the situation.

Tip #1 Love or attraction?

The first thing to think about is whether it’s love or just attraction. Sometimes, when we start to be attracted to a person we can be blinded by the first interactions, but it will be time to find out if it was only a matter of compatibility in friendship or if you could really develop a genuine affection for that person.

Tip #2 Don’t let emotion drive you

Those seconds of attention that the new person gives you might make you think of a thousand stories in which you are the protagonist of a romance novel, but are you really? Emotion could lead you to enter into another relationship without thinking about the grief you’ll face when you get a dose of reality for leaving your partner and besides, venturing out without even knowing this new love well could be counterproductive.

Tip #3 Mistakes in your relationship

When everything in a relationship is going great, even if someone else comes along you won’t give them a chance to enter your life as anything more than a friendship because in your comfort zone you have everything. However, when there are deficiencies in communication, trust and respect, having a person come along and offer you all that could change your mind. So take the opportunity to find out what is missing and failing in your courtship so that you intend to reciprocate with a new love.

Tip #4 Is it mutual?

Among what you should analyze and think about is whether it is mutual or just the other person is being polite to you (which brings us to tip #3), because if it is a situation of compatibility and you do not feel convinced, you can talk about it and let him/her know that you prefer to keep your distance to respect your decision. If, on the other hand, you want to continue there, it will be time to talk to your partner.