5 reasons why it’s hard for an empath to find true love

Empathic women are different from the rest. She always puts more into a relationship and never gives up easily. Only someone like her can make her truly happy. That’s why it’s hard to find love.

Empathic women think everyone is as emotional as they are.
When they meet a man, they think he is as emotional as they are. But in most cases, this is not true. Not all men are like that. Moreover, many of them just take advantage and cheat women. Empaths can be deeply broken by such an experience, which can make them give up on love.

They want to commit as soon as possible
When an empathic woman falls in love with a man, she immediately thinks of commitment. She doesn’t like short, meaningless relationships. However, this can be burdensome for some men, which in turn can make the woman feel that she is not loved enough. It’s a vicious circle that she can only get out of by getting to know a man like her.

They give their all to love
The empathic woman gives her all to love. She is quick to open her heart, which is a potential risk. For them, there is no grey area in love. They either want everything or nothing. It’s either love or nothing.

They feel things deeply.
Empaths have deep feelings. They are quick to draw conclusions from the words and actions of others. They believe that everything a man does has something to do with them. Therefore, he is often inclined to make accusations about things that are not true. If the man knows this, he can deal with it. Otherwise… there’s nothing to talk about.

They want an honest and loving partner
Some men are not known for loving care. That’s why empathic women have such a hard time getting to know each other. They want a man who makes them feel loved. For them, trust is essential – it is the basis of any good, long-term relationship. And that’s exactly what they want. A stable, long-lasting relationship and a man who loves them unconditionally and without limits.