The Zodiac Signs You Should Never Get Angry With

Certainly, a lot of positive things are known about the zodiac signs. Individual traits, preferences, aptitudes, but about their darker side you hear nothing.

Let’s take a look at a few zodiac signs that you’d never want to upset, because they’ll teach you a harsher lesson that you’ll probably never forget.

Gemini are the most feared people to upset. When you bother them with something, they’ll exaggerate the situation as if you’ve killed their entire family. Their main way of expressing their annoyance with the person who has upset them will be to belittle them in the form of gossip, in a public way.

They will mention you on any social media platform and post under a huge headline, reaching everyone, saying what you did to them. Twins are capable of building a full-blown PR campaign to get even. Luckily for you, they will be viewed less positively for their sci-fi actions in such a case, so you will escape with your reputation intact.

You won’t even know that you’ve upset a Libra, because they’re so aggressive in their passivity that they’ll never tell you that they’re mad at you. But that doesn’t mean she won’t keep her distance for the next 40 years for what she thinks you did to her.

Libras signify the sign of justice, of balance, so they will always make sure you pay if you have wronged them in any way. And believe us, they’re pretty much never satisfied and want to get even more and more revenge…

Remember how I said above about Libras being passive-aggressive? Well, Scorpios are real aggressive fighters. If you betray them and lie to them, you’ll definitely know what fire means. Hear us out! Scorpios will chase you until they deem you no longer deserve the efforts of revenge, until the reputation they have destroyed is already forgotten by everyone.

Scorpios will interfere in your relationships, sabotage your chances of new love, spread rumours about you even at your workplace. They’ll resort to real strategies straight out of Game of Thrones to feel like they’re regaining the power they had before you bothered them.

Unlike all other zodiac signs, when you hurt someone of this sign, he/she will make sure to hurt you where it hurts the most. Their anger is of the “You didn’t upset me, you disappointed me!” variety, and if they’re going to cut you out of their life, they’re going to do it forever. Regardless of the close relationship you may have had, when you hurt this zodiac sign, when you hurt their opinions of you, who you were and what your intentions were, only you will realize and feel how fallen you are.

Pisces will not try to destroy you, to get revenge, but they will never forget what you did to them and you will see it in their eyes when they no longer greet you as a loyal friend as they consider you, but as a stranger they don’t trust at all. The punishment of Pisces is much harsher than that of Scorpio, for example. At least you know Scorpios still care enough to at least get angry about the situation. But Pisces indifference is the cruelest revenge.

The other zodiac signs you shouldn’t fault are Taurus, Capricorn and Aries, but at least these are willing to forgive.