she wants to break up but doesn’t admit it to you! 7 clues that betray her…

Breaking up a long-term love relationship is never easy. In most cases, when it is the woman who wants to break up, I notice that she acts very tactfully, because in most cases they know that a sudden love break-up can cause a lot of trouble. To take action, she takes it slowly. She first prepares the ground gently by giving a few vague indications. (to find out if your man wants to break up is here)


It only starts when it feels that you have understood its coded messages. If you notice that she has unusual reactions, it should ring a bell in your head. So here are seven warning signs of a planned love separation, which should alert you that she may want to end a relationship, get divorced, or break up

1) This is probably the most subtle classic sign: her life becomes too intense; she doesn’t have time to answer the phone and even when she does, it’s to tell you that she’s too busy to see you. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over between you, but when she’s less and less available, there’s something fishy going on.

2) When she still gives you time, you feel her absent when you see each other. She jumps at every opportunity to talk to other people or to address other concerns you have. It is well known that a woman in love gives her full attention to her man.

3) She begins to keep secrets from you and doesn’t even want to tell you who she was talking to on the phone, where she was when you weren’t together…

4) Women like to chat. So, if she shows no interest in chatting with you and barely answers your questions, if she is somewhat hasty, then she has a problem. Could this be related to the current situation in your relationship?

5) If for a yes or no she gets angry and the discussion turns into a big argument without a real reason, knowing that she will blame everything on you, then say to yourself: “something is wrong with your relationship…”.

6) Women love surprises, especially receiving gifts, for the day like Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or simply because you love her…

If your friend refuses the gifts you give her (especially if they are engagement gifts), even if the purchase of the item was already in her plans, it could reflect a feeling of guilt, probably because she has an unpleasant surprise in store for you, perhaps a breakup.

7) If she begins to find positive points in the idea of a divorce or love separation that other couples are going through, it is because she herself would think that going through a breakup would be good for her.

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