Nobody said the relationship was going to be easy!

First and foremost, both partners have to make the effort. If one of the two puts all the will to make the relationship work and follows all the advice but the other one is not willing, the relationship will fail.

Here are some tips to improve your life as a couple

Be flexible

Being flexible starts with putting aside your personal needs and attending to those of your partner. Ask yourself a question: would you be willing to leave everything for that person?

There’s a limit to everything, of course. You are not going to be the genie of the lamp and every time he/she rubs you appear to satisfy his/her desires. But it is important that you realize those little things that can go a long way if they are taken care of and paid attention to, without letting them pass you by.

Coming home after 12 hours of work and having to make dinner, shower the kids, prepare the next day’s meal, take your own shower and do it all by yourself. How about a little help? Better, right? If when you walk through the door into your home sweet home and at least one of those tasks on the list is done, that’s one less burden to deal with that night. Well, that’s flexibility and that will help your relationship start to improve. Go for it!


“I get angry and I don’t breathe” is not a solution for the relationship. Neither at the beginning, nor when you have been with that person for years. The most important thing, and we have already repeated it many times, is communication.

Continuing with the example we have given above, if you get home and see that nothing is done, you have to tell him/her. Because only then can you begin to understand each other and get to know the needs that you have and that you need to be a little more attended to by the other party.

If you ask for things reasonably and present them in a rational way, you will surely manage to increase the flexibility of both of you, thanks to communication. Although, let us warn you… If you have tickets to go to the theater on the night of the classic and your partner is a soccer fan, good luck! Most soccer fans aren’t that flexible.

Make time for each other

Time. Building a good relationship takes time. Nowadays we live in a fast-paced life, we are in overdrive 24 hours a day and we don’t stop to look at what’s around us because we don’t have time for it. Ask yourself a question, are you dedicating the time it deserves to your relationship? Working and sleeping are the two activities to which we dedicate the most hours, but there must also be time for leisure, to have dinner together, to watch a movie?

You can’t expect your relationship to improve if you don’t “feed” it with the little things that made you fall in love with each other. You must learn to put your relationship first, to prioritize it. The more time you devote to it, the more rewards you will get from each other. Because spending time together will make you feel more valuable and loved. And that, in the long run, will translate into a closer connection that will make you both feel better.

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