Each of us wants to be most appreciated and truly loved by our life partner. Many times we even feel this way, but we don’t know how to show it, how to convey all our beautiful thoughts to the other, how to reach out to them and make them feel the same. We suggest that you remember and always keep in mind these 5 small gestures, but that you do them often, to give them to each other as a couple, to feel special in the eyes of your loved one.

Don’t criticise, make recommendations
When something doesn’t suit us, it’s healthy to have the freedom to say no or express ourselves. But how we do it is definitive.

Instead of criticising, let’s try to convey the same idea to each other, but as a recommendation, gently and with care for how the other might feel. We can also sneak in an appreciation for his initiative, for trying to do that thing.

For example, we can appreciate our loved one for cleaning, for participating in maintaining a nice and pleasant atmosphere at home. We can ask if we are helping out and doing something here and there that your loved one hasn’t done. We may not even say anything. It all goes without saying, and we don’t show our dissatisfaction (=criticism), but our delight (=participation, recommendation).

Gestures of appreciation in public
Even if we tell each other a lot at home, the moment of truth appears in public. Do we really appreciate the person next to us? Do we hide or show everyone? Are we honest and open in our relationship wherever we are?

These small gestures in public increase the security in the couple and the certainty that the partner is loved, is appreciated, is supported, that we have eyes and heart especially for the person we love and that we enjoy our time together.

That feeling that we make a beautiful couple, that we have each other.

Surprise each other with romantic gestures and sincere compliments
We often find this advice in articles in the press or in articles about life as a couple.

So let’s give each other sincere compliments at every opportunity when we notice something we appreciate in each other.

Let’s not hesitate to give each other hugs, to say we love each other, to sing it, to prove it to each other with romantic gestures.

As I said above, we often hear this advice, but do we follow it?

Never make comparisons
Since the compilation some of us have felt the bitter taste of comparison with others. Why can anyone, why does anyone do better?

The same in a couple, the consequences of this gesture are, in fact, deep wounds that will close slowly or never.

So, never compare our loved one to someone else who seems more and more.

Sure, no one is perfect, plus each of us has our downfalls in life. So, we will meet better, prettier, smarter, richer people at some point than the person next to us. But to show that they are more and more than the person you love is a trap. It’s a truth, but exposing it is a trap.

Why? For one thing because we begin to turn our attention to other people. And it’s not okay, not because we don’t deserve the best, but because we can’t chase the best match all our lives.

Even if those people are better in some ways, it doesn’t mean that we can necessarily build a better relationship with them.

The right and healthy thing to do is to focus, at the core, on ourselves, on our own person. Who are we? Who do we want to be? What do we think we really need in a couple? What are the top 5 essential qualities we look for in the person we love?

And we will see that that ideal image of our other half will distort under the truths of reality. Maybe we don’t need the most beautiful partner, maybe support is more important, or someone with a joking spirit would do us in.

Either way, whether or not we want to stay in a relationship, comparisons shouldn’t exist.

Highlight each other’s qualities
There are some activities or gestures that we like when the other does them. That’s when it’s a good time to show our appreciation.

Besides making our loved one feel good, this appreciation has another echo: we highlight what makes us feel good, and the other person will get a subliminal message, will know what to do more often, will know that he is noticed and appreciated.