10 signs that your relationship is ending


If the conversation is no longer part of the common activities of your couple, if the interest in the relationship has become null and void and during arguments and discussions the other person blames you for everything, it is likely that the relationship is destined to fail.

It is necessary that the conversation remains present in everyday life and that problem solving is a natural and important thing.

Lack of time together

Lack of time with your partner is a clear indicator of a failed relationship. Any activity where time is taken that is different from what has been tried before can be the beginning of saving your relationship.

Low expectations

Life is much more difficult than you think and it has to be faced as a team. If you hope that problems will solve themselves and you think they are normal in a relationship, if you don’t pay attention to them, you need to rethink your idea of the relationship and ask yourself what you expect from it.

Other interests

The point is simple: if the attraction for other people becomes more frequent and you are no longer paying attention to your relationship, you must reconsider it deeply or stop it as soon as possible.

Constant doubts

Listen to yourself. There will always be something in you that will guide you towards what is right for you and help you identify your doubts, find solutions and make decisions.

Changes that you can’t assimilate

The changes are and should be seen as something normal, but some people can’t assimilate them. This can cause a huge distancing in a couple and cause a break-up.

Loss of desire

Loss of desire is the best indicator of change in a couple. Dissatisfaction of any kind is always a warning sign. Make sure you always consider your partner as the most important person for you, so that your desire for her/him does not disappear.


If one of you is spying on the other, you should know that this is a sign of lack of trust and is absolutely unhealthy. If this does not resolve itself permanently, know that you are heading towards a toxic relationship.

Changes in the way you see the other person

If it is you who does not accept the natural changes in the other person and that his defects disturb you, that you do not accept them as before, it is because you do not have anything any more to do together.

Proven preference for other people

If you prefer to be with other people rather than with your partner, this is a clear indication that love is gone or very damaged. This doesn’t mean that you have to be with your partner 24 hours a day, every day of your life – but if you are looking for excuses to be with other people, this is a very bad sign.

You need to use common sense in relationships: always be close but careful and tolerant. Don’t be satisfied with the stability of your relationship: living in a failed relationship is not healthy and hurts you in many different ways.

You need to be able to recognize the factors that threaten your relationship and try to find solutions. Reconsider your priorities and understand that a toxic relationship is never better than being alone.

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