20 Signs That He Is Your Soulmate

Is he my soulmate, is it the great love? These 20 signs tell you if you are destined for each other by fate.

Are we soul mates?

Do you think you’ve found the love of your life? These signs speak for it. If your soulmate has such qualities, you really shouldn’t let him go!

When you are freshly in love, you always think you have found the great love. But only after some time it turns out whether you have really found your soul mate. You should always be able to rely on your partner. But there are a few other signs that you have actually met someone to grow old with.

Soulmate: 20 signs that speak for it

he supports your goals
Your partner gives you support and respects your goals for the future.

he values your opinion
Whether it’s in discussions or when he needs advice, your soulmate always wants to hear your opinion, even if it differs from his.

a soulmate makes your life better.
Alone it was nice. But since you’ve been with him, your quality of life has increased once again!

you can be silly
You are not embarrassed in front of each other. You can fool around for hours, while others roll their eyes, you continue to have your fun.

he adores you
He loves you and you know it. He doesn’t even have to say the magic three words for that, your partner makes you feel how much you mean to him.

soul mate? He loves not only your chocolate side
He does not make an exception. Everyone has flaws. Your partner even accepts your nagging side and lovingly teases you about it.

he respects your family
No relationship should supersede the family. Your partner appreciates your relatives with all their quirks and understands that they are a part of your life.

he compromises
When there’s a problem, he doesn’t just see his needs. Your soulmate tries to find a solution that makes both of you happy.

you trust him
You can talk to your partner about anything. At the same time, you are not afraid when he is out alone, because you trust him.

a soul mate trusts you
A little bit of jealousy is part of every relationship. But you never feel restricted by him. At the same time, you know that he confides in you things that no one else knows about him.

you argue
Arguing is part of every relationship. Your soul mate knows that too. Differences cannot destroy your love.

he tells you his opinion
Even if your partner loves everything about you, he is honest and criticizes quirks in you that you don’t like yourself.

soul mate makes you better
With his criticism, he makes you a better person. Through his love you can develop freely and feel strengthened to work on your weaknesses as well.

he is reliable
You know whatever may come, you will not be alone. Your soulmate gives you the comforting feeling of always being by your side.

he makes himself vulnerable – and you.
You are closer than you have ever been to anyone. The more you open up, the more vulnerable you show yourself – but you’re not afraid of that.

he is understanding
Everyone has a bad day. Your partner always tries to be understanding and make you feel good.

soul mate: He puts your needs above his
When you love someone with all your heart, you let them have the best piece of your favorite pie.

you can be yourself
A special sign that you have found your soulmate is when you feel at home with him. You never have to pretend in front of him.

he accepts good and bad times
Every relationship has its ups and downs. Even if things don’t go so well at times, it’s not a downfall for your love.

it feels right
Ask longtime married couples how they knew they wanted to spend their lives together, and you’ll often get the same answer: “We just knew.” When you think of your great love, you immediately feel a comforting warm feeling in your heart area.