The romance genre is Amazon’s best seller. Perhaps one of the reasons, apart from the covers featuring men whose abs have six-pack abs, is that these types of novels end with happy endings. Despite the bumps in the road, the two stay together.

No matter how many detours we take and no matter how green the grass in our neighbor’s yard seems to us, each of us wants to stop running, stop looking, and feel like we’ve come home. And to actually arrive. Beyond labels like “men are hunters” and “women shouldn’t be easy prey”, we too have a soul that needs real connections with other souls. It is only when we break out of our templates and choose to look at things differently, to understand and feel the other beyond the physical shell, beyond the shell built of fear, that we create the basis for a harmonious relationship. That “I don’t know where I end and you begin” assumed and manifested in an explosion of love, creativity and joy.

Relationship experts believes that getting there requires a woman to be aware of and own her emotions. We often choose to repress certain emotions or sweep them under the rug because we’ve been told they’re shameful or that it’s not nice for a woman to feel that way. But every emotion is generated by a thought or an unhealed past experience, brought to the surface by an event. Every emotion carries a message and is a gateway to healing.

Why is accepting your emotions so important for your relationship? experts argues that when you do this, you change as a person.

“When you learn to embrace all your emotions, you change your vibration. You transform from a stressed and dependent woman to a relaxed and sensual one,”.

What’s more, you’re sending a non-verbal message to the man that you’re giving him a safe place where he can experience his emotions in turn. Over time, he’ll feel more and more relaxed around you, which will make him fall in love with you instantly.