How To Recognize A Jealous Man?


1/ He gets angry easily

No matter what you do, he gets angry quickly? And yet, most of the time you haven’t done anything wrong? Just because you went out with your friends to a club, he gets mad? You can be sure that he is very jealous. Especially if he doesn’t give you a chance to explain yourself.

2/ He hates to hear that others find you beautiful.

Rather than feeling proud of you, or simply saying “thank you”, he goes into a rage as soon as someone pays you a compliment? It’s because he’s eaten away by jealousy, and you should stay away from it?

3/ It requires you to respond immediately.

Whether by SMS or phone, you’d better answer within the minute or you’ll be in a scene? It multiplies the SMS until finally you answer him? Then he is certainly jealous of you and the fact that you can have a life and interactions outside of him.

4/ He monitors your activity on social networks

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat etc… He will never be far away, ready to pounce at the slightest post or like suspect? Either way, if you don’t feel free to move around, run away, or make it clear to him that he doesn’t have to control your whole life in this way.

5/ He has regular mood swings

One minute you’re yelling at each other, the next minute he’s on the phone with his friend and takes on a soft, honeyed tone? His mood changes regularly and suddenly, so much so that you never really know how he’s going to react? It’s a sign of jealousy. Beware of physical abuse, don’t let a situation in which you don’t feel respected take hold and continue.

6/ He makes a face when you talk about someone.

Does he seem angry, annoyed, or unhappy and uncomfortable when you talk to him about someone you know? And is it even worse when the person is a man? Unless you do it all the time and it’s always the same person you’re talking about, the fact that you talk about your stories with this or that person should never put him in these states.

7/ He doesn’t like the fact that you keep your old photos.

You know that photo album that’s gathering dust under your bed, or your photo mosaics that include a few of you and your ex? It’s only natural that he would want you to take them down if they’re still posted all over your home. But otherwise, if they’re just gathering dust in the middle of hundreds of others, it’s not legitimate for him to demand that you throw them away.

8/ He criticizes your friends

Again, especially your male friends! And yet, for your part, you have made efforts to get to know theirs? Don’t look for further explanations: it’s not your friends who need to be questioned, it’s simply his jealousy that takes precedence over his judgment.

9/ He is possessive

Not only does he want to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing, all the time? But on top of that, he calls you all the time or bombards you with text messages when you go out alone with your friends? He insists on knowing when you’ll be home, if he can join you? If it’s excessive, it goes far beyond the simple interest a man may have for his sweetheart, there’s no doubt about it, it’s a sign of sickly jealousy.

10/ He pretends that it doesn’t affect him but…

He sees you chatting with another man, and acts in a natural way, or at least he tries! He is actually trying to repress his jealousy, but you can be sure that in most cases it will come back when you are home alone. He actually feels insecure because of his jealousy.

11/ He is very critical of the way you dress.

What you wear should be your choice, and your choice only. No one should have to tell you what to wear (although it may be wise to listen to the advice of some people). If your man really trusted you, then he wouldn’t have to worry about the way you dress.

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If you feel that your man meets the majority of these criteria, sit down and discuss it calmly with him. Ask him what exactly is bothering him, and reassure him that he really has nothing to worry about. Jealousy is hard to fight, and it’s a team effort, as a couple! For the sake of your relationship, try to make sure that jealousy doesn’t get in the way of your relationship. But if you feel that it is impossible and that you will never be able to make it progress or to bear it, then you should consider ending your relationship, for your well-being!

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