9 Things Your Partner Does That Show They’re The One

Finding your soulmate or “the one” can be easier said than done. And if you’re with someone you love – how do you know if they’re the one? Here are nine things that show you’ve found the love of your life!

They accept your weird qualities
The right one won’t be ashamed of your little quirks, no matter how strange they are. They’ll like them and might even hang on to you just so you don’t feel left out or weird.

He’s always there to cheer you on
It doesn’t matter if you’re running a race or thinking about quitting your job to go to university – the right person will be there to support you at all times. Your partner is your biggest fan.

They want to be with you as much as you want to be with them
In a relationship, it’s important to prioritise each other, just as it’s important to prioritise friends, interests and family too. If your partner is the right one, neither you nor they will cramp the other’s style of hanging out with friends, but find a good balance for when you hang out and make things up for yourselves.

They won’t keep secrets from you
Unless it’s something their friend said in confidence or they’re planning a surprise party for you, the right one won’t have any secrets from you. They want to share everything with you, good and bad, and see no reason to keep things a secret from you.

They will understand your needs, even if you don’t understand them yourself
It doesn’t matter if it’s PMS or you need time to yourself when you’re stressed, your partner will know exactly what you need at all times – maybe even before you know what you need. In these cases: chocolate and space.

He always thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world
It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed to the nines and have been wearing make-up for an hour, or if you’re wide awake with messy hair. The right person will think you’re beautiful no matter what and will always want you.

They will always turn to you for advice
Asking you for advice shows that they trust you and your judgement, and value your opinions – which is a very good sign. Since you always want the best for your partner, they also know that your answers will be honest and look at what would be best for them.

They will make small trips seem like adventures
The grocery store, the beach or a little road trip. It doesn’t matter what you and your partner come up with, they will always get to have fun.

They’ll know you’re the one for them too
When things are right, you know it. And if both you and your partner know you’re a match made in heaven, you’ll look at each other the same way. And they’ll also always remind you that they love you, and you’ll know that they really mean it.