6 Phrases You Can’t Take Back In A Relationship

Arguing is part of every relationship. But some phrases hurt so deeply that you can’t easily forget them.

i don’t like your family

Not getting along with your partner’s family happens in many relationships. In this case, the question is how to deal with it. After all, the beloved cannot choose a new family. He is forever connected with his family of origin. And if he cares about the contact, he is in a permanent conflict. It would be better to look for compromises together instead of devaluing your partner’s family across the board.

you are Bad

During a quarrel, it is possible to get into a rage. But no matter how angry you are, “Bad” is definitely going too far. It violates the boundaries of respect that can’t be moved again so quickly. So, better to take a deep breath when arguing and ask yourself what you want to put at risk.

you need therapy

If this sentence is not an advice, but a devaluation, it belongs to the realm of “better not said”. It shows that the one who uttered it does not want to deal with the partner’s problems. Conflicts always come from two sides in a relationship, to belittle one of them as a therapy case is not fair.

you are too loud/you talk too much

It is part of a person’s character whether he is more extroverted or introverted. Denouncing this almost calls the whole person into question. And above all: why is one then with the person? In quarrels, such accusations surface anyway, because one is hurt oneself and wants to do the same to the other person. But this only starts a spiral of accusations that slowly poisons the relationship.

you smell funny

Similar to point four, but related to attractiveness. It is no basis for a relationship to question one of the most basic things: mutual attraction. After all, how is the other person supposed to feel desired if he hears that he doesn’t smell good?

i don’t know if i still love you enough

This sentence is not a motivation for the other person to try harder, but triggers fears of loss. And this creates wounds in the soul. A wound that must first be closed again. So, think very carefully before saying such a sentence to your partner.