6 Clear Signs That Your Marriage Is Facing Divorce

they often argue over trifles

If the classic argument about the toilet seat being flipped up is causing more and more thick air, alarm bells should be ringing. Behind discussions about small things there is often frustration about larger, unspoken problems or dissatisfaction.

your partner does not communicate with you

You used to talk about everything, but now you only keep silent? Even if you want to discuss problems within the marriage, your partner refuses to communicate with you? That has to change. Otherwise your marriage could soon go down the drain.

your partner is in a bad mood more and more often

Is your partner increasingly grumpy for seemingly no reason, in a bad mood and goes ballistic over every little thing? Talk to him or her about whether dissatisfaction with your relationship might be the cause of the negative mood.

you invent excuses not to go home

In the past, you could hardly wait to be with your loved one again. Today, the thought of going home sends cold shivers down your spine and you take every opportunity to prevent yourself from going home? We don’t need to tell you that this is not a good sign!

Others are more important than your spouse

The times when your spouse was your number one are long gone, even your dog gets more attention? Then you should work on refreshing your love again – before a Infidelity
because no one is immune to a fling.

you ignore your gut feeling

Who better to judge that a divorce is in the offing than you? Unfortunately, many people don’t listen to their gut feeling. Until it is suddenly too late.