How to make him forget his ex?

Even if today you are living a beautiful love story, your partner still has a past that he is dragging behind him. And unfortunately, he hasn’t yet forgotten his past. You feel that his ex is still very present in his thoughts. Moreover, with a bit of luck, you won’t have to make any inquiries, because he will easily admit it to you. But because of this, your couple is going through a real crisis.

When the past tries to overshadow the present, nothing happens the way you want it to. And pretending nothing has happened is not the best solution. Over time, this situation can also hurt you. So we look for ways to make him or her forget this person who shared his or her life at one point in time. To help you, here are a few tips that have already been successful for many women.

Pushing her to express her feelings towards her ex

It’s essential to help your partner express all his feelings about his ex. If you want to help him forget her, you need to find a way for him to give you everything he has on his mind. Wondering why? Because if your significant other is still thinking about his ex, it’s not necessarily their love story that haunts him. It may be that your better half is still in pain. And it is undoubtedly this pain that sends his thoughts back to the person at the source of all these evils.

You know, if his relationship with his ex ended, it’s because the story wasn’t meant to work. And even though he’s the one who got kicked out, he made a choice today: you. So if he’s still here, if he chose to make his life by your side, it’s because he cares about you. If he still can’t get his ex out of his head, you need to support him. Instead of making the situation dramatic (at least more dramatic than it already is), try to make yourself useful by listening to his suffering.

Most will take this as a real ordeal. The ex is still that person with whom he or she has shared intimate moments, with whom he or she has had very good memories, etc. Some will consider her as a competitor. However, listening to your partner will help him/her enormously to get rid of everything that’s on his/her mind. If your goal is really to resolve this situation, you must make an effort to listen to her feelings. You need to understand one thing: as long as the emotions stay inside, he will never be able to forget them.

Erase it from your life

Be careful, it’s the ex you need to erase from your life, not the man you’re with. It goes without saying that the best way to help him forget him is to make him clean up his past. To begin with, forbid any contact with her. You can check to see if he has deleted her number, if he has really blocked it on social networks, etc. Next, help him get rid of all the objects that can still bring him back to her: vacation memories, love letters, messages on the phone, photos, clothes, gifts, etc. Everything really needs to go. Don’t leave any trace of that person in your life.

Then let’s move on to more radical means. If your partner is living with his ex, you must change apartments. All the rooms in that house will bring back memories. And you might as well tell yourself directly, even this simple idea is enough to make you change your mind about moving. If they had several friends in common at the time, he’s going to have them removed from his list of friends. Your new mutual friends should do the trick. You can be sure they won’t bring up their old love affair again.

Their whole life is in the past. Everything that is connected to this story has no place in your life. From now on, their ex, whose name you don’t even have to say anymore, is to be classified as a taboo subject. And you have to be sure that the effort doesn’t come only from you. Make him understand that you don’t like him to talk about her anymore. If he dares to break this rule, you must show him that he has made a serious mistake. If the discussion is clear from the beginning, he won’t blame you if you punish him.

Show her that you are better than her

If he’s not ready to write off his ex yet, you have to pull out all the stops. This step consists in entering a real race where the winner will be the one who managed to cover the longest distance. And of course, you have to find every possible way to make your opponent fall at the first trials. Don’t even let her pass the first hundred meters. And there is only one way to do this: lower her as much as possible. Anything goes in this race. Compare yourself to her all the time and let your partner know that he made the right choice in choosing you. At the same time, show them how lucky they are to have someone like you in their life.

Materialistic, mean, maniacal, jealous, superficial…all these adjectives are good ways to describe her. Besides, we’re not going to lie to each other, you’re much more beautiful than she is. Also bring to the surface her taste in clothes or her passions in life. The objective is to make your partner understand that he really has nothing to complain about when he is with you. You are not a pain in the ass, you give him free time to indulge his passions, you let him play his games and you even help him from time to time, you love his parents and his parents love you, etc. In short, find all the good things you have.

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