8 warning signs of an unhealthy relationship to look for early on

Sometimes we may look at a friend or just someone to know and wonder why on earth she puts up treated the way she does by her partner. Sometimes it’s just the blindness of love and unfortunately, other times it’s that an individual has never known a healthy relationship with a man, so they think what they are experiencing is perfectly normal.

But if you’re aware of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, you can spot the potential for early trouble in amour and, as warned cat two, here are some of the things that could set off alarm bells:

Couples should always be open with each other and if there is a secret, there may be more. If he is keeping secrets from you, then you have to ask yourself why.

Love is about compromise and compassion, not control. If a man tells you what to wear and where you can and can’t go, then he is a potential control freak and could lose his temper if you ever go against his wishes.

Trust is an implicit part of a loving relationship and it works both ways. If he checks your emails or you don’t trust him when he goes off on his own, then something isn’t right.

Every relationship will have its ups and downs and that’s normal, but if you are constantly fighting and especially if that fighting is over the smallest of things, then this is one of the surest warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Constantly looking for a reason to blame the other person in a relationship is definitely not a good sign. Forgive and forget should be bywords, and constantly blaming each other might suggest that one of you is looking for a way out.

Insults hurt and why would you throw yourself at someone you care about? Even in a really angry exchange, there are some things that a loving couple would never say to each other. If you find yourself constantly exchanging snipes and insults with your partner, something needs to be done; be aware, it’s one of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Once the talking stops, then nothing can be resolved. With no communication, there simply is no relationship; so if you’re simply sharing the house but nothing else, then this relationship is going nowhere.