How to know when to leave your partner, 7 signs to break up

  • There is no communication and if there is, it is more to complain and express concerns

The worst problem of a couple’s relationship is the lack of emotional communication. They may not talk to each other, but looking at each other, making gestures of love, having details, etc., counts as communication. When there is discomfort to say something to your partner, it is because the connection is bad, it is toxic.

One of the reasons to think about leaving your partner is that toxic behavior that makes communication uncomfortable. It is very simple to see how toxic other people are, but accepting that our relationship is toxic is difficult. When there is no communication, the toxicity is always mutual and it is best to seek a drastic solution.

  • If there is no longer emotional intimacy, it is better to leave your partner and return to your dreams

Sometimes you have to leave your partner even though you love her. Emotional intimacy is much more than physical intimacy, it is more committed to the relationship and brings it closer together. If there are no complicit glances, laughter, long conversations, plans, emotional support, etc., there is no loving passion of a couple.

If there is no emotional intimacy, where is your mind, where is your attention? Don’t blame yourself, you are part of this complex problem. One of the signs that indicate that you should break up with your partner is the lack of that magic where one look says it all. When there is love there is no need for words, just a subtle glance.

  • The defects begin to be brought out in the face, in a bad way, more than the qualities

Happy couples also have problems and argue, but focus on solving the problem. If in your case a small problem triggers heated arguments, complaints, resentments, etc., there are many problems accumulated. Putting off problems is a time bomb.

Loving a person means appreciating the good things and accepting the bad. If you love, you don’t make a dramatic scene over a small incident. At first you ignore each other’s faults. But as time goes by, love is built with details. But if instead of details there are complaints, there is no point in continuing.

  • As love progresses, it becomes more and more fun, and if it doesn’t happen, how can it continue?

I want to leave my partner because everything has become so boring and routine. This is a very common complaint in couples who do not understand that love is a daily construction. Not everything has to go well in a relationship, but if everyone improves their self-esteem they can overcome their problems.

If you always expect your partner to be the engine of your happiness, it won’t last. Happy couples have common rituals such as watching movies at certain times, reading, cooking together from time to time, etc. If one of you starts missing these dates where you enjoy together, something is wrong.

  • If the mutual trust and security disappears, it’s time to think about leaving your partner

Lack of non-verbal communication and lack of emotional intimacy leads to decreased security and confidence. If they no longer look at each other, if they no longer laugh or joke, what are they focusing on? If your partner is no longer your priority, something is wrong. They solve the problem or break up for good.

How do I leave my partner little by little? You can give yourself some time apart to clear up your lives. Trust is the basis of a loving relationship. They cannot continue if there is no transparency in every detail. Lack of trust is one of the signs that you should end your relationship now.

  • You have realized that you no longer have the same plans, dreams and values

How do you know when to end a relationship? If you don’t love yourself well, you won’t know if your relationship is progressing or failing. What a person wants is to achieve their dreams, to do what they love and it is very motivating when your partner shares these things. You feel inspired, capable of conquering the world.

You don’t have to have the same dreams, plans and values, but you have to want to go the same way together. These things become evident over time and if they don’t, the relationship loses its charm. It is when you think about leaving your partner because you no longer feel like yourself.

  • Clear signs that indicate the end of a relationship: You don’t see it in your future

How do I leave my partner little by little? If you stop making plans with him for your future, you will slowly drift away emotionally. But why would you do that? If you feel better when you’re not with him, it’s a sign that the common things that brought you together have started to disappear. You laugh less, plan less, etc.

Lack of commitment, complicity and intimate games are signs that you should break up with your partner. If you want to put up with that lack of chemistry you may have emotional dependence. In this case, things will get worse, living together will be more painful and the break-up more traumatic.

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