Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love inspires, brings happiness, heals, gives strength even in the most challenging times and can bring you many joys.

Many of us fall in love quickly… and suffer when it ends. Breakups are painful, complex, and complicated. They can make you feel like you’ve lost everything that mattered in your life. Sometimes they’re mutual, but most of the time, someone is left, abandoned, forgotten… and they have to find it in their soul to start over, to go on their way and try to heal themselves so that they break down the walls built around their heart and learn to love again.

No one teaches you how to get over a breakup. You have to fight all that pain yourself. If you can’t get over it and feel like you need help, here are some ways psychologists recommend to heal your heart:

Accept that it’s over.
The first thing you need to do is accept deep down that you are alone. That’s it; it’s over. There’s nothing more you can do. You’re back on your way; move forward with confidence.

Don’t hold on to the past.
Don’t look for answers to your questions. Don’t try to blame yourself for what happened. Don’t say to yourself, “But if I had done that…” or “What if…”. Don’t delude yourself. You’re not there anymore; you’re here. Close the door to the past because there’s nothing left to see there. Take with you only the lessons and the good memories.

Take care of yourself.
The hardest thing you do right now is to find the strength in your soul to pick yourself up off the ground and move on. No matter how hard you’re hurting, don’t neglect yourself. Learn to take care of yourself, eat properly, get enough sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Take time for yourself.
What do you do with the time you have? Most of the time, you spend it crying, thinking about it or making up all sorts of scenarios. Take advantage of this time and focus on yourself… dedicate time to yourself. Spend time with yourself, rediscover yourself, and figure out your purpose, what makes you happy, and what your passions and hobbies are.

Create new memories
Don’t just sit around! Keep your mind busy doing what you love. It’s time to create new memories that will stand the test. It’s time to live, experience, explore, be free and allow your soul to enjoy this time to the fullest.

Find support in loved ones.
When you go through a breakup, you tend to feel alone. Most likely, your ex was the person you spent most of your time with. After the split, you might find yourself with no one around. But that’s just a lie your mind tells you – you have many wonderful people who love you and want to see you well. Even if you don’t need to be around them and feel better off alone, make an effort and spend more time with them.

At first, you will feel uncomfortable, but with time things will change. Friends and family can help you manage your emotions, forget about your situation (even for a little while) and, most importantly, realize how lucky you are to have such wonderful souls.