How to create close relationships with others? Why is it so important?

Creating relationships with others is very important in our lives. Social connections make us happier, healthier, better able to cope with stress and even live longer! Learn how to build and maintain close relationships with people.

Close relationships with others
Close relationships are relationships between people who depend on each other in some way. They focus on their relationships with each other, the feelings that connect them, their emotions, their goals, their commitments and their tasks to be completed. Relationships make our lives more satisfying and happy.

Different types of relationships
In life, we form many relationships with others. These are not only partnerships, but also friendships, social relationships or business relationships.

Each relationship is different and unique. Sometimes people are united by a common goal, mutual responsibilities and tasks to be performed. Sometimes it is the pursuit of goals, the satisfaction of different kinds of needs and desires. Shared interests, activities and spending time together. And sometimes it’s friendship and love.

How do we form close relationships with people?
Creating close relationships is based primarily on reciprocating warm and positive feelings toward the other person. It’s showing interest, attention, kindness, gratitude, trust, honesty, help, empathy and concern. It’s also receiving and accepting all these indicators.

Key skills in creating relationships
Creating close relationships with others may not be easy and requires developing some valuable skills.

Above all, open and understanding communication and active listening will help. Using clear and direct messages, speaking from your perspective. Sincerity, honesty and being yourself. Understanding and respect, rather than judging and criticizing.

Showing interest and concern for the other person, incorporating empathy and altruism. The ability to set boundaries, say “no” and be assertive. And also caring for the common good of all participants in the relationship.

Why is it so important to form relationships with others?
A wide social network and satisfactory relationships with others bring us many benefits. It is not only about loving relationships, but also friendships, social and business contacts.

Scientists confirm that forming close, satisfying relationships makes us happier and more satisfied with life. We cope better with stress and daily challenges, are healthier, more resilient, and even live longer!