10 things boys wish girls knew

There are so many things written about what boys don’t understand about girls, but what about the reverse? What do girls not get about boys? How do guys understand? To overcome this shortcoming, we asked one of our male colleagues to let you in on the secrets of what guys wish girls knew and here are his heartfelt top 10:

We’re not all the same!
Guys don’t have feelings, guys are all only after one thing. Ladies Not true! We are very different and most of us are sensitive little soles, underneath that tough exterior teaches us that life we should have.

We need a time to relax
Guys need a little chill time when they get home. OK, so you’ve got plenty to get off your chest, but just give it an hour when he gets in first. Let’s mellow him out a bit before you tell him you wrecked the car, again.

I didn’t do anything wrong!
What are some other things guys wish girls knew? Well, guys wish girls knew how to trust. Telling the devoted and trusting man, over and over again, that he’s been up to something when he hasn’t, will eventually just drive him to do it! A man can have a boyfriend who also happens to be female without it being anything more than a friendship.

This time of the month…
Men aren’t very good at understanding women’s mood swings, so when that moment comes that you feel like a snarling bull terrier pit, don’t be surprised if he looks hurt when you fixate on him. People like stability and an even keel, the ups and downs of a woman’s moods won’t make any sense to him.

We love you just the way you are
Another thing guys girls want known: they love you even with no makeup on. Girls, there’s no need to ply on makeup every day. Sure, it looks nice when you go out and you guys appreciate the effort, but, they really love you for who you are and not just for the way you look.

Please say what you really mean
One of the most important things guys want girls know is that they are not mind readers. Guys aren’t very good at guessing, and reading what you think into your eyes isn’t really their thing. So ladies, if you have something to say, don’t forget to express it clearly, just say it. People like her straight to the point and who have yet to develop the level of telepathic powers that women seemed to have evolved.

Guys are just not as observant as girls
If you changed the shape of your eyebrows, did your hair slightly differently, got a new dress or painted your nails a different color, please don’t be upset if he doesn’t notice. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you; people just aren’t as good at noticing things like that.

If you really loved me, you’d…
Nothing is guaranteed to piss a man off more than unwarranted emotional blackmail. Using the old “you don’t care about me” bluster, unless it’s valid, will get you nowhere. Guys need to be in the mood for affection and remember, if a guy has something on his mind, it’s a well known fact that they can’t multi-task!

Guys don’t like girls who smoke
One of the most important things guys like girls know is that they don’t like it when girls smoke. This is a well known fact, according to surveys, most guys don’t like women who smoke. So ladies, quitting smoking can not only improve your skin tone and make your teeth whiter, but it can also be beneficial to your love life.

Don’t tell us about your ex
Guys, I don’t want to know all the details about past relationships. They don’t want to hear comparisons to ex-boyfriends. Skip these topics altogether. Make him feel like he is one and only.

What are some other things guys want girls to know? Please share your thoughts on what guys want and how guys understand these in the comments section below.