Anyone Can Have A Happy Relationship

What is the recipe for a happy relationship? The answer is surprisingly simple: a balance between attachment to each other and personal independence.

Our whole lives and relationships are based on the search for this harmony between the need for human connection and autonomy. In a relationship, we have to give up part of our freedom; to be independent, we have to give up part of the relationship. However, this balance does not exist for many people: they are either too involved or too detached. Once we understand the mechanisms that break or hinder this balance and figure out how to achieve or restore it, we no longer need to hope, for example, that our partner will change or that the ideal man or woman will suddenly appear on our doorstep. We will create a relationship where two people are on equal footing and feel they share the same values.
In her clear and compelling style, with a practical approach and the indispensable help of our “inner child,” experts teach us to identify the defensive strategies we have learned over the years and show us techniques by which we can let go of dysfunctional behavioral patterns that are harmful to a happy relationship. Anyone can recognize relationships that are not likely to succeed and live a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Experts hold a degree in psychology and work as a psychotherapist in Trier, Germany. She gives seminars on topics such as anxious attachment and self-esteem. The media often ask her to express her views as an expert on psychotherapy.