Ways in which love affects your health

Couple relationships can be very beneficial and extend life; however, some habits we adopt together can damage our personal quality of life by encouraging the development of diseases; so how does love affect your health?

If you want to improve your relationship, but above all your own well-being, learn how love affects your health and be happy with yourself and others.

  • Overweight

A study by New York University suggests that people tend to gain weight when they get married, while those who get divorced or separated reduce those extra kilos.

In information published in the portal Health, psychologist Maryann Troiani, co-author of the book “Spontaneous Optimism” assures that a happy couple is a motivator to set goals, while dissatisfaction can cause unhealthy eating habits.

  • Stress Trigger

Two research studies, one from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the other published in Plos One, highlight that disagreements over money and who does the housework increase stress levels in the couple.

  • Sleep disorders

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that snoring or excessive movement affects a partner’s quality of sleep, as they experience more fatigue and insomnia.

  • Anxiety

Research from Florida State University suggests that relationship problems foster the development of anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and social phobia.

  • Hypertension

A research from Brigham Young University details that unhappy people in a relationship have higher blood pressure than those who are happy or single.

  • Broken heart

Researchers at Columbia University report that thinking about an ex-partner generates sensations in the brain that simulate physical pain. Symptoms of a heart attack can even be registered, caused by stress and extreme emotion.

The best thing you can do to avoid this type of discomfort in your relationship is to maintain a positive attitude, good communication and above all be happy in every moment of your life.