Avoid disappointment at first meetings

Sometimes, disappointments arise during the first meetings as a result of inappropriate words, but also as a result of unpleasant surprises. Indeed, dating can sometimes present problems, complications if the date is not well prepared or you have hoped for something different than what happened during your appointment. Therefore, to avoid these disappointments, here are a few tips that will help you stay calm and analyze every moment of the situation.

Elements that can disrupt the discussion

During presentations, the atmosphere can sometimes seem favorable, but sometimes this can quickly change. This is especially the case when you’re talking about different subjects such as fashion for example. Each person has their own taste, which means that your tastes may never be the taste of the person in front of you. To avoid hurting the person in front of you, avoid mentioning a too personal and pronounced opinion towards their preferences. You can discuss things in common, such as cooking, by talking about your tastes. In this subject, everyone has a personal taste and everyone knows it, which means that different opinions will not hurt. It is important to remain calm when a remark seems to hurt you, be aware that some people can be quite open-minded, hence their frankness about your tastes.

How do you stay calm and what is the right tone to adopt?

To stay calm, be sure to consider all the words your partner says to you. If he or she criticizes you about something you like, then consider it a benevolent criticism, or if you can’t do that, make sure you consider the person’s statement so you don’t offend him or her. Calmness will be your best ally in these situations. If you inadvertently make an inappropriate remark, quickly make it up to the person by apologizing or stating that it is your personal opinion. This way, you can avoid making a bad impression, but also demonstrate your maturity. The tone to adopt in dating discussions should be friendly, polite, and above all, well-behaved. This will allow you to focus on how to please the person in front of you.

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