5 Tips To Instantly Look More Attractive

1/ Wear red
Red is the color of love and passion and according to science it would also play a relevant role in our power of seduction. The explanations are different: first of all, red is the color associated with royalty until the 17th century so it is a color associated with power.

In any case, several studies have been conducted to understand how red affects or influences men and women. Both have been shown pictures of people wearing colored clothing. Verdict? Red is the color that attracted them the most.

2/ Smile.
A beautiful smiling face activates the reward mechanism in the brain. Researchers found that the smile of people who had aligned, white teeth rewarded more.

3/ Go out in a group!
Going out in a group would help you stand out. The phenomenon is called the “cheerleader effect” and it occurs because when faced with a group, the human brain scans faces but rather than studying them one by one it averages between all of them, which is very helpful especially if you don’t have a perfect face.

4/Aim for humor!
“Make a woman laugh and you’re halfway there.” Women and even men prefer to be in a relationship with a person with a strong sense of humor with whom they can share moments of mirth. However, there is a slight difference between the them both: while women like men who make them laugh, men like women who laugh at their jokes. Why is humor so attractive? Simply because it is related to social skills and intelligence, things we often look for in a partner.

5/Hold on until closing!
Here’s a tip to remember for when we might go out again. Staying in a club until closing would make us more desirable. The reason? The idea of closing evokes that we are about to leave that place and this would incite interested parties to step up in the wake of the “It’s now or never” motto.