9 Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy to Your Family


1/ Post-wedding speeches

How about announcing your happy event right after you’ve united for life? During the thank-you ceremony, take the opportunity to announce that you too, the bride and groom, have been given a unique gift! You can join to the announcement, a small slide showing your ultrasound to all!

2/ Family meal

Take advantage of the fact that the whole family is gathered around the table to announce in a natural way that you will be huddled around the table next year! Why? Because you will be one more of course!

3/ Family meal: option 2

Another option for the family meal: add an extra place setting around the table. Once installed, the most observant guests will ask you the question why? All you have to do is announce that you are expecting a very special guest in the coming months!

4/ Family party

You are all gathered for a family celebration? Make a toast “to the future grandparents”, and wait for the reactions!

5/ The family tree

Make a family tree for your family, if it is not already done, add the inscription “I will arrive in 5 months” below your first names, and share it with all your relatives!

6/ A beautiful drawing

If the child you’re expecting isn’t the first, have one of your children draw a portrait of the whole family, adding a big belly for mommy, or a little baby next to it. All you have to do is have him give it to his grandparents and wait for their return!

7/ Family meal: option 3

At a family meal, if everyone must bring a dish, make sure to bring a non-alcoholic drink and a basket of strawberries. If you are asked questions, answer that you may have surprising cravings in the coming months!

8/ Say it with flowers

Isn’t it said that boys are born in cabbages and girls in roses? Follow the adage to the letter, and offer a pretty cabbage or a pretty rose (or both!) to your parents, or seeds, if they have a green thumb!

9/ Birthday

On the occasion of your mommy’s, daddy’s or a loved one’s birthday, after everyone has wished the person concerned a very happy birthday, announce to everyone that someone else would also like to wish him/her a happy birthday, while putting your hand on your belly!


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