10 scientifically proven ways to be more attractive

Head upright and chin inclined

A number of research studies have examined this issue. It seems that both women and men are considered more handsome and attractive when they have their heads tilted slightly to one side, held high and with the chin pointing upwards.

In fact, a comprehensive study published in 2011 in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology and which was conducted at the University of Newcastle, this angle at which the head is tilted is an important factor in assessing the degree of attractiveness of women, and it is a knowledge that the world of photography and fashion has been able to exploit.

The importance of healthy, white teeth

It is enough to be a little observant to realize that having nice teeth is a key factor to be more attractive. There are several studies about this, for example the one from Leeds University, which tried to check if people with white and well-proportioned teeth were really perceived by others as more attractive.

The conclusions were that white, well positioned and evenly spaced teeth are more attractive in both men and women.

Men: don’t smile so much

Research conducted at the University of Columbia in Canada indicated that faces with worried and melancholic expressions are much more attractive to women than expressions of permanent smiles and extraversion.

Basically, the study tried to find psychological reasons why women tend to be more attracted to “bad boys”.

In this regard, not long ago we published in Psychology and Mind an extensive article on why “tough guys” are attractive to women.

Women: yes, you are, smile more

In the opposite direction, a research carried out by the National Institute of Health in the United States concluded that men are more attracted to women who radiate happiness.

In this study, it was found that girls who smile often make men more likely to be attracted to them.

Men with beards: more attractive or less attractive?

A controversial point, since not even science agrees on whether sporting a beard makes men more or less attractive.

A study conducted in Oxford suggested that women tend to find clean-shaven male faces more beautiful compared to the same faces with beards. Apparently, the British researchers noted that men with a lot of facial hair have a more aggressive image and are perceived as having a higher social status.

However, other sources say just the opposite about the attractiveness of bearded men. A study conducted at South New Wales University in Australia found that “some beards” are more attractive to women. It seems that beard styles that are out of the ordinary are appealing to most women.

In fact, in a recent article in Psychology and Mind we echoed the results of several research studies that reinforce the idea that the beard is entering our society to stay, since more and more women are attracted to hairy faces.

Red lips

There is a general rule that says that the color red has a special strength when it comes to play in our favor if we want to attract another person. We will go deeper into this aspect later.

Have you ever wondered why women put lipstick on their lips? Well, simply because most men find them more attractive that way.

For example, research from the University of Manchester reported that during a conversation between a man and a woman, the man focuses his attention on her lips for an average of 1 second. However, if the woman’s lips are painted with red lipstick, this attention span rises to almost seven seconds in many of the cases studied.

Scars: Are they Attractive?

An extensive study at the University of Liverpool revealed something surprising: men with clearly visible scars on their faces are more attractive to many women.

However, there is a trick to this: the scar is a feature that is viewed positively only by women who are looking for casual relationships.

The importance of being a calm man

It is not difficult to intuit that women perceive men who display a calm attitude, free of stress or nervousness, as more attractive. Calmness and relaxation is a positive value when it comes to being attractive, and this is confirmed by a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

This same study points out that women tend to prefer calm men for an adaptive reason: they are better able to manage stressful situations without transmitting nervousness and negativity to children.

Red is your ally, whether you are a woman or a man.

If you want to increase your attractiveness quickly and easily, pay attention to this advice: wear red clothes. This is especially effective if you are a man, so if you have a date with a woman who drives you crazy, it is a good choice to choose a shirt of this bright color.

The explanation for this phenomenon is not simple: our brain makes curious associations between certain colors, emotions and values. When we talk about the color red, ideas such as passion, love, power, among other things, usually come to mind. Unconsciously, this can play in your favor.

The secret of talking to someone in the right ear

A series of research on the subject of attraction and its relationship with our brain, we can say, very synthetically, that the left hemisphere of the brain is more involved in handling verbal information and positive feelings, while the right hemisphere processes non-verbal stimuli and negative emotions.

The crux of the matter lies there: the left hemisphere of the brain works with the information perceived from the right ear, and vice versa. Knowing this, scientists indicate that when we receive stimuli from the right ear, our brain starts to connect with positive emotions, optimism and, ultimately, more pleasant feelings. So, it seems to be a good idea that, when you are going to whisper a few words of love in the ear of that special person, make sure it is the right ear.