Of course each of us wants to meet our soulmate, to succeed in building the couple we dream of, but in our quest to build our desired family we have times when we are alone. And it’s good to make the best of this time, to make the most of it, to enjoy the freedom and to put into practice all those dreams that we can hardly achieve as a couple. Here are the best reasons to enjoy life, even if you’re single.

Do what you like, when you like
Because you’re no longer dependent on your partner’s schedule and you’re not trying to accommodate anyone else’s needs, it’s clear that when you’re single you have more freedom to do what you want with your time, when you want. You can allow yourself to be messy, you can watch your favourite movies, you can even have a movie marathon, you can try out a crazy look without anyone giving you a say in how you look.

When you’re single you learn to discover yourself and get more courage in life.

You have more time to take care of yourself, maintain your health.
Because there’s no such thing as time for two, although we don’t deny that it wouldn’t be nice, well you certainly have more time for yourself. Studies show that single people are more caring, pay more attention to their health and how they look.

So you have time to go to the gym, make a healthy dinner, pack for work, schedule a hair appointment, and all of this happens without always feeling like you’re against the clock.

Because yes, lack of time is a stressor, and when you’re alone you have a lot more time to yourself.

You can always organise a spontaneous holiday
You are no longer dependent on your lover’s work schedule, the times when he or she takes holidays and, above all, his or her preferences.

So you can always decide to go on holiday, perhaps for a weekend or an organised holiday, somewhere by the sea or to visit a city with lots of sights.

You have this freedom, you have your whole salary to yourself, and on top of all this you can organise your whole day as you please.

For example, you can go for a run in the park in the morning, you can have a sleepover with your girlfriends, you can do crazy things.

You can do more with your career
A relationship always comes with ups and downs, mood swings and emotional upsets. And when we’re preoccupied with something else, obviously our career performance is likely to drop.

You can take advantage of periods when you’re single and try to make career leaps. Maybe you take extra courses, maybe you complete your specialisations, or you’re simply willing to look for another job.

You learn to love yourself for who you are
When you’re single, you learn to know yourself better, you discover your vulnerabilities, you have time to deal with your inner wounds and you manage to grow spiritually. Also, when you are alone, you practice how to better organise your time, money and other resources.

You have time to read a good book, maybe even an emotional development book, you can decorate your home as you wish.

Simply, step by step, experience by experience, trial by trial, discover what really makes you happy and remember, happiness is only in us.