Never be afraid to be just with you. Rather be afraid of being with the wrong person for the rest of your life.

Romantic relationships during this time were increasingly tricky because people feared being alone. Let’s face it – things are much different than they were 10 years ago. Society’s values have changed dramatically, and technology has revolutionized the ‘dating’ chapter (and not necessarily for the better).

People are confused about dating – they’re afraid of a bad relationship. Still, they’re also afraid of loneliness, so they settle for someone who doesn’t meet their standards. This can lead to a lot of problems in a romantic relationship.

What are the main reasons people stay in the wrong relationship? There are three of them:

  • Believing there is no one better;
  • they feel they don’t deserve better;
  • there is a financial dependency between partners.

Why shouldn’t you be afraid of being single?
Psychologists agree that being single is better than being in the wrong relationship. Here are some important reasons why you really should enjoy being single:

You can focus on yourself, and that’s it.
Now you have the opportunity to grow. You get to know yourself, figure out what you like, what you want to do in life, what your passions are, and how you see your future. Take care of yourself, treat yourself, and buy yourself gifts. Make yourself happy.

Fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with someone else. When you come to love yourself, stop worrying about getting into the wrong relationship – your self-esteem and confidence will be so high that it won’t let you.

You’ll have space for your soulmate.
If you’re already in a relationship, you may not meet the right person for you. Don’t miss out on your soulmate just because you’re trying to be with someone who isn’t for you. It’s scary, but you have to believe that there are kind-hearted people in this world who want to make you happy.

You also need to ensure you’ve healed from past relationships with the wrong people, so you don’t allow emotional baggage to destroy what you want to build with the right man.

You have the opportunity to discover what you want from a life partner.
Being in the wrong relationship can sometimes make you not know yourself. You can be so consumed with emotions that you won’t have time to think about what you want.

If you’re single, you have time to focus on the things you want in a relationship. Your freedom will allow you to get in touch with your feelings. What’s more, you’ll have the added benefit of meeting strangers – it’s not a waste of time; on the contrary – this exercise can help you discover all the traits you don’t want in a partner and what you want from the person who will accompany you on your journey through life.