Double chin: practical techniques to get rid of it

You may not know it, but the development of a double chin is not only the result of fat storage. Several other factors can cause it.

Apart from genetic factors, as well as lymph accumulation, the double chin comes from problems in the neck, very often generated by poor posture.

The first tip therefore to avoid the birth of a double chin, is to impose a good posture during your sleep. You will discover the other techniques listed by continuing to read.

Avoid sleeping frequently on your stomach. When you sleep in this position, your head is turned to the side and one side of your neck is compressed. When lymph consequently stagnates in the area under the chin, it can create a double chin. Try to sleep on your side or back.

Strengthen the chin muscle. Place your right elbow in your left hand and the fingers of your right hand flat under your chin. Aim to simultaneously increase the pressure on your chin with your fingers and the pressure of your fingers under your chin.

Perform a massage to help the lymph to evacuate. It consists in pressing the chin with two fingers in a benevolent way, with a continuous movement towards the outside. Start from the chin towards the collarbones for at least 5 minutes.

Avoid staying too long with your head down on your phone or any other device, as this encourages lymph stagnation in the area under the chin.

Chew gum whenever you get a chance. Jaw exercise also helps the chin area to stretch.

Pull your tongue out to the point of wanting to touch your nose, repeat the exercise several times. You will feel a contraction at the bottom of your chin.

Smile. Clench your teeth with your mouth closed and stretch the corners of your lips to the maximum, you will feel the muscles in your neck and lower chin contract.