Learn Self-love: All You Need Is This 6-point Plan!

treat yourself like your best friend.

In a way, this is the top, most important and at the same time the simplest rule in learning self-love. But since it implies so much, let’s give you three more examples:

  • If your friend is having a bad day, comfort her and don’t ask her to pull herself together.
  • If she has made a mistake, show understanding and don’t beat her up about it.
  • If she is unhappy with herself, try to show her her strengths and don’t dwell on the causes of her unhappiness.

Find something to be satisfied with every day.

It doesn’t matter if you got something done or accomplished something, if your hair was fine all day, or if your lunch was super tasty – you’ll find some little thing. And then write it down or at least make yourself aware of it for a moment. In this way, you will learn to notice the positive – in yourself and in your life.

Do something good for yourself.

Give yourself a break, take time for sports or something else healthy that is good for your body and mind, or try masturbating. After all, it’s your job to take good care of yourself and treat yourself well. This includes sometimes just doing what you want.

represent your wishes and interests to others.

No one can read your mind. Those around you depend on you to tell them what’s on your mind. Saying no or asking for help is not selfishness, at least not a negative one. On the contrary! With clear, honest announcements you make it easier for others to deal with you (and you will also become a dream woman in this way).

be happy about happiness and success.

Be proud of yourself and what you do, and if it was luck – be happy about it! You deserve it as much as anyone else. Patting yourself on the back or celebrating yourself has nothing to do with being conceited or self-absorbed. Everyone needs affirmation and affirmations, even from themselves!

don’t compare yourself with others.

Best start by unfollowing everyone on Instagram whose posts make you feel uncomfortable or guilty. Because they do such great trips, go to such fancy restaurants or have such a top trained body. First of all, they only show you their life through a tiny window, and secondly, you are the center of attention in your life – so you should first learn to take an interest in yourself before looking at others.