8 signs when a couple is not working and it’s time to make a decision

  • Monotony in a couple appears when you least expect it.

What should a dating relationship be like to last? Intense, unpredictable and in continuous discovery of their own tastes. Otherwise, monotony gains ground, without even realizing it, and boredom sets in.

Many people complain, my life as a couple does not work. But it all starts in themselves, in their innermost individuality. Because the couple is a balanced unit only to the extent that each of them is.

Do you get bored when you spend time with your partner? Do you feel that your relationship has become monotonous? Can’t you think of anything fun to do when you are alone?

  1. Don’t plan anything, do new and unexpected things. Look around and follow your curiosity.
  2. Just let yourselves be carried away by your love, improvise a romantic getaway, no excuses.
  3. Practice new activities, each for your own pleasure.
  4. Be creative with your intimate relationships, get out of the ordinary.
  5. The most important thing is to take charge of your own happiness, enjoy without waiting or depending on it
  6. At every moment take care of the details and how you treat yourself.
  7. Improve your communication with yourself and your partner
  • When a couple does not work, your partner says you are always to blame.

One of the powerful reasons why a couple does not work is the lack of communication. Each partner has indecipherable assumptions about what is going on and does not communicate them. Thus each creates a parallel life that sabotages their love.

The problems begin with simple misunderstandings that, if left unsaid, become a virus that runs the relationship. For example, through social networks many couples break up, because of pure misunderstandings.

When you want to talk about something important with your partner, do it in person, because body language accounts for more than 70%. When the couple ends is for having ignored too much what the body language of both says.

  • When the couple does not work, you can no longer find time to be together.

What to do when a couple does not work? A couple’s relationship is kept alive and thrives when quality time and emotions are shared. Being together allows better communication through body language.

Wishing each other a good morning, escaping to have lunch together in the middle of the day, looking into each other’s eyes and touching each other changes everything. The couple that is not working needs to give each other more time, more intimacy and talk about more positive things.

My relationship is not working and I don’t know what to do. To have more time for your partner, review your priorities and decide. If you don’t feel like making an effort to increase the dose of love, work on your self-love.

  • When a partner no longer works, you no longer see improvement in the relationship.

When a couple ends and comes back it is because they remember that they were happy, they made mistakes and there is still love. Because “they were happy and ate partridge” is only for fairy tales.

When a couple does not work both are not doing anything to improve their individualities. Because when a person improves, he/she also improves his/her relationship with other people.

Many times it happens that when a couple breaks up and comes back they expect something magical from the other person. They always expect the other person to make that change they think they need to make everything better.

How do you know if a couple is not working anymore? When neither of them are able to overcome the setbacks. Both are left waiting for everything to work itself out.

  • My partner doesn’t work in bed: He may be thinking about someone else.

Thinking about someone else when you are with your partner is when a couple is not working. Experts say that if you fall in love with someone else, forgive being in a couple, stay with the second one. It is something that may never end.

A person who continually looks for alternative love partners does not know what he or she wants. Maybe he doesn’t love himself enough. Why does a couple break up and come back? Maybe they both need to get to know each other better, to love themselves more so that they can be more secure.

  • When your partner doesn’t work out it may be because he/she has serious doubts.

My relationship doesn’t work, what can I do to make it better? Stop idealizing your partner and accept him/her as he/she is. Most people idealize their partner, they fall in love with that idea, they have their expectations.

Some women say, I’ll take care of that. But wanting to change something about your partner is a way of not accepting him. Of course you can change, but it will have to be your decision.

When a couple ends badly it is because there were many insecurities. To have illusions of what it will be and then find out that it is not like that is a problem for those who have illusions. Your partner does not have to meet your expectations.

  • If a couple does not work in bed, it is because their priorities have changed.

A couple starts with passion and then they get to know each other better and often ignore what they don’t like. People change but expectations do not. That is why when a couple does not work it is because of the appearance of new interests.

With time and lack of communication each one discovers new interests that differ from their partner. Why does a couple break up if they love each other? New priorities distance them, they no longer share the same tastes and values.

When a couple ends their relationship the most dominant factor is the lack of communication. It is normal that each one discovers new interests, but if they would communicate more and better, love would improve.

  • Why a couple breaks up: The desire is gone.

The passion, the loving and intimate desire for each other means emotional health in the couple. Therefore, when a couple does not work, communication is broken and desire has disappeared.

They no longer want to go out together, they can’t think of anything attractive. Suddenly one of you is not satisfied in some area of the relationship. At this point communication is the most important thing, but perhaps you have not taken care to improve the way you communicate.

If in your routine you no longer feel the spark of making love to your partner you should ask yourself why. Don’t blame, just take care of what you can change in yourself.

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