The most important tips for a happy marriage shared by grandparents.

I often walk down the street and catch couples past their second youth who have love and affection in their eyes. They walk holding hands and smiling warmly at each other, a sign that they are as much in love as on the first day and that they understand each other better than ever.

I’ve always wondered what their secret is. How do some people manage to stay together for the rest of their lives and keep the spark of first love in their eyes?

I’m lucky that my grandparents are among those old folks I was telling you about earlier, so I’ve stolen a few tips from them that I hope will help me, when the time comes, to have a marriage at least as happy as theirs.

Age doesn’t matter
Where love is unconditional and each partner wants to have the other for the rest of their lives, age is simply a number with no meaning. Love, understanding and respect are much more important.

Together you can move mountains
Because “where there are two there is power” and nothing can stop you from doing whatever you set your mind to as long as you support each other.

Never give up flirting with each other
You must always make the other person feel wanted and feel that you are as much in love as on the first day. Make him feel that he is unique to you and that you will never have eyes for anyone else.

Enjoy the little things
The mornings and evenings you spend together, the meals you eat at home, the flowers he brings you, the genuine smile and the loving look. It’s the simple things that beautify your every day.

Always have fun
They say if you make a woman laugh she’s half won over. Marry someone who makes you laugh. He will always succeed in chasing away the sadness from your eyes and bringing a smile back to your lips.

You don’t have to agree on everything
A happy marriage does not mean a perfect marriage. Nor can it be. Keep your heads down and don’t shy away from small arguments. They will help improve your relationship along the way.

It takes two to keep a marriage together
You can’t just make it work for you or him. In a relationship and in a marriage it takes both partners to make sacrifices to keep things going in the direction you want.

Always do what you enjoy
If you like to dance, go out dancing. If you like to walk, go for a walk. If you like watching movies, don’t stop doing these things that bring you joy every day.