8 Ideas For Original Proofs Of Love


Love is a universal principle. And yet we all have a different view of love, and of what a proof of love could be. However, sometimes it is possible to run out of imagination. This is where Talking About Love comes in! So here are 8 ideas for original proofs of love for you. It’s up to you to see which one suits you best, and your partner of course. There are ideas for all tastes, from the simplest to the most daring, so you’re sure to find something for you!

1/ Contact a radio station

Voluntarily participate in a show, a game on the radio, and say and say again how much you love your darling in front of the whole of World!

2/ To do a striptease

Valid for women as well as men! Put on your most beautiful underwear, a good background music, and give her the show of the century!

3/ Playing the speaker

You both walk hand in hand in the street? Suddenly get up on a park bench, and shout loudly your love for your better half ! Be careful, make sure that your better half appreciates the demonstrations of love in public, otherwise, if he/she is rather shy, you may inconvenience him/her more than anything else…

4/ Going to karaoke

Or in a stand-up bar, and sing a beautiful love song to your better half, then go into the audience to get it!

5/ Buy a hundred heart-shaped balloons

And fill his apartment with them! Or just her/his room…

6/ Buy a ticket from one of your favorite groups

And leave it lying around in an unexpected place for him/her to find it by surprise!

7/ Playing addicts

Having prepared in advance and sent an adorable text message declaring your love and how much you miss him/her… When your darling has just left the room!

8/ Bringing out the lyrical fiber in you

By writing and sending him/her in a beautiful envelope, a magnificent personalized poem, entirely dedicated to the beauty, charm, and many other qualities of your companion.

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