What are the signs when a man is in love with you?

Interest without a reason
He keeps asking how you are, asking about you and calling you even when he has no particular reason to. Yes, just to hear your voice.

What is this if not love?

He wants your company
This is closely related to the previous point, but I would add that you don’t need a special occasion to meet someone.

He wants to have a cup of coffee with you, at your favourite place or have lunch at the place where you’ve told him how good the soup is. It’s all about being with you.

He listens to you
Yes, this is a rare male virtue. Okay, all joking aside, it’s a really good sign when it shows in small ways that he’s listening to you and what you have to say.

He brings you your favourite chocolate, he buys your favourite flowers. She knows you’ve had a hard day, so she cooks or gives you a massage, and there’s more. The point is, you don’t even have to ask and it’s given.

He talks about you in front of his friends
This is of course hard to track down unless you ask her cleverly or have someone undercover in your company.

But one of the best signs that he’s into you is if he’s already openly talking about you in front of his friends.

While women will discuss every little flaw and positive aspect of a prospect from the start, men don’t. They only talk about their feelings and their relationships on special occasions.

Introduce me at home
This is a higher level, but so far I have found that it is the absolute certainty that someone is serious about us.

Introducing you to the family members closest to you is a big word. The counterpart to this, if he can bring himself to come to our family with us and sit through the interview with a straight face. That’s a real commitment.

He cares about you
When you have a conversation, you find that he really listens to you, asks relevant questions, and even remembers the conversation days later. Not to mention that he’s interested. All of this shows that you are important enough for her.