Love at first sight: beware, it’s a trap!

Love at first sight is beautiful and it makes you happy, but it hides several traps that can harm you. To make the passion last, you have to know how to avoid them. It is then necessary that you learn to recognize them. You can then thwart them more easily. Keep in mind that: like happiness at the beginning of love at first sight, the pain it leaves behind can be intense. If you fall into one of his traps, you are sure to have a hard time getting out of it.

What exactly is love at first sight?

Originally, the term “falling in love at first sight” was used to refer to unexpected and violent afflictions. Later on, it takes on the meaning: “suddenly falling in love” or “suddenly becoming passionate about something”. Love at first sight can be classified as an emotional state filled with passion and euphoria. Like lightning, it can strike you at any time. Anyone can have it, regardless of age, social class, history…

Contrary to popular belief, the reciprocity of love at first sight is sometimes non-existent. Yes, it can happen that someone catches your eye and has no feelings for you. If the feeling is reciprocal, it can happen that the feelings quickly dissipate. Nevertheless, many couples have been able to experience the passion for many years. It is then possible that you may meet your soul mate through love at first sight.

The pitfalls of love at first sight

Love at first sight is beautiful, but it is also full of traps. In the moment, you may feel a very intense attraction that is impossible to counter. Here is the list of the dangers it holds for you:

Trap number 1: it doesn’t last

The first trap is the fact that it can disappear as quickly as it appeared. In general, the euphoria of love at first sight lasts 3 years maximum and this has been scientifically proven. More precisely, it is a biological law.

It is true that when we talk about love, we are talking about the heart. But everything you feel first goes through your brain and the production of hormones. This intense love promotes in people the production of hormones of pleasure, fidelity, attachment …

After 3 years, this production weakens or even stops completely. The passion then disappears to give way to a great tension in the couple.

Trap number two: too many emotions

Your emotional state during love at first sight is also one of the enemies to watch out for. You are in the grip of emotions and you think less. You are therefore likely to make decisions on a whim without thinking about the consequences.

The two lovers short-circuited by lightning feel alone in the world. Only the opinion of one counts in the eyes of the other, the rest is unimportant. Yet this critical spirit is very important in reflection and decision making. Above all, it helps to avoid a state of total dependence on the other.

Trap number three: deification

“Only the other’s opinion is important,” this implies many things. When you fall in love at first sight, you constantly feel the need to be by your lover’s side. Once you’re by his or her side, you feel the need to do whatever he or she likes. His/her happiness counts more than anything else in the world. Emotions compel you to fulfill her/his desires and you think that all this will last.

Some people may even forget what is really important to them and forget to enjoy themselves. This is one of the reasons that can stop the chemistry of love. You realize that you’ve done everything for the other person and that you’ve done nothing for your own good. In the moment, it gives you pleasure to make him/her happy. In the long run, this feeling dissipates little by little to give way to resentment.

Trap number three: preconceived ideas about reciprocity

This third trap then takes you to the fourth which concerns reciprocity. The person with love at first sight thinks that feelings are reciprocal. You already know that this may not be the case. It is possible that you fall intensely in love with someone and that person feels only a simple attraction to you. You can then treat him/her like a god and fill him/her with love, gifts… In return, you receive nothing, hence the birth of resentment towards the other.

How to thwart these traps?

Now that you know the dangers of love at first sight, you can easily avoid its traps. Here are then the advices to be followed, it may be that they allow you to make the passion last in your love relationship :

  • Schedule a second meeting: the organization of an appointment is necessary, because you need to be sure of your feelings. You meet by chance in the street, at a party or in a restaurant, you then feel a desire to see him again. Then you need to arrange a second meeting to find out if you are really attracted to him or her. It is also at this moment that you can know if your feelings are the same or if it is only an illusion.
  • Really get to know each other: you need to get to know each other to find out if he or she is really your soul mate. It is by knowing the other that you can avoid being carried away by euphoria. In reality, love at first sight is like a simple physical attraction. Everybody has their faults, maybe by getting to know him or her better, your feelings become weaker. It also prevents you from getting into a serious relationship with the person, one that can become unhappy.
  • Keep a critical mind: it keeps you grounded. This allows you to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. It will also help you avoid regretting your actions if things go wrong. Remember that love at first sight acts like a drug on a person.

Despite its pitfalls, having love at first sight is still necessary. Indeed, escaping from reality, stress, problems… is necessary to avoid brooding. If it makes someone feel good and happy, then so much the better. Everyone has the right to happiness, even if it lasts only a few moments.

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