10 things a man doesn’t like about a woman and causes the end

  • Men don’t like to be emotionally blackmailed by their girl in delicate moments

A man does not really like a woman who blackmails him for the slightest thing. No blackmailing is well regarded in a healthy relationship. Sometimes you do it without realizing it, for play or because you want to challenge him, but if you insist don’t expect anything good. You won’t like it.

How is this emotional blackmail? You want something and you cry, you get upset or try to make him feel bad. The whims of a conceited girl are not good for the future of your relationship. He can accept your blackmail, give in and please you, but little by little you are deteriorating the relationship.

  • What men don’t like about women: That they always use them for their own benefit

It is very good for a woman to get a man who wants to please her in everything. But it is very dangerous to take advantage of that circumstance. That man will get tired in the long run and the worst thing is that the woman will get stuck with that bad habit.

One of the things I don’t like about a woman is that she wants to take advantage of my feelings of love. At first it will please her, but then it will hurt. But the one who loses the most is the woman. Because to treat an intelligent and detailed man this way is going to take you away from good love.

  • Sometimes a girl tries to hide her error blaming the man, that is very ugly, do not do it

Sometimes it is late when you realize that a man who loved you at first no longer likes you. Love is built between two. A man, however much he loves you, does not have the task of making you happy. So don’t spoil a beautiful relationship with the actions of an immature woman.

One of the things a man does not like about a woman is that she makes a fool of him. She makes a mistake, but it’s hard for her to admit it. She prefers cynicism to deny it, and the worst thing is that she now blames the man. This is a sickly kind of relationship, if that man doesn’t end it he is not intelligent.

  • It’s not nice when a woman keeps quiet about things and after a while explodes

One of those unpleasant things that men don’t like about a woman is when she doesn’t like something but doesn’t say anything. It’s as if the man has to guess. Of course, a man should be more attentive to his partner’s body language.

No one can have a perfect partner, but everyone should do their own thing and communicate as a gesture of respect for your partner. If you don’t like something or have an observation, don’t shut up, express yourself. If expressing yourself when you are angry is making a mess, learn to communicate your emotions well.

  • Sometimes you introduce a funny friend and your girl starts imitating her

Another thing a man does not like about a woman he loves is that she does not have a secure identity of her own. You have a very popular friend, you introduce her, and soon she starts imitating her. It’s like he wants to gain a share of the popularity but with an alien identity.

That can be fun for a moment, but if you’re really doing it, it can be very worrying. What a man loves about a woman is her personality, her being herself. But if he starts imitating one of your friends or someone who dazzled her, it becomes very uncomfortable.

  • A woman who does not know what she wants and is always changing, does not like a man

Whether your partner is a man or a woman, if he is very fickle it is really worrying. One day he says I love you, another day he hates you. One day she is very happy by your side and another day she is very bored. Without a doubt she is a woman with a very low self-esteem and is extremely unpleasant to deal with.

With a very fickle woman you may think she doesn’t like you that much. But the next day she surprises you with her love, what is going on? If you are an intelligent man you can follow another path or help her overcome that problem. But a fickle couple is not going to progress.

  • He doesn’t like you so much when you continually get jealous because of absurd circumstances

When a woman gets jealous for no reason and makes a scene with you, it’s desperate. Earth swallow me up. And if you say something and it gets worse, it’s really insane. And all because she’s very insecure, not even because you did something that makes her think you’re unfaithful.

Absurd and unreasonable jealousy is another one of those things I don’t like in a woman. The fact that the girl you love goes crazy because of your friends or because of things that happen on social networks is desperate. An intelligent man will slowly or definitely walk away from a woman like that.

  • When a girl demands a lot of attention from her partner but does not correspond, she feels strange

There are girls who love to be the center of attention of their partner for everything and at all times. A man who is very much in love may have gotten used to it badly but in the long run it is something that wears you down. A relationship of this type is not healthy and will only last a short time.

In a couple none is more important than the other, none deserves or needs more attention than the other. They are both very emotional beings who often like a little affection. A woman who frequently talks and talks without listening is really toxic, it is not pleasant at all.

  • It is pathetic to see a woman wanting to control and treat her partner like a child

There are truly immature couples. A woman correcting her partner as if he were a child and that he allows it is a sign of immaturity for both of them. A good intelligent man does not stay with a woman with a self-sacrificing or grumpy mother complex.

You are with your friends and suddenly your girl appears and begins to recriminate you. That’s the most annoying thing that can happen to a man. It’s a total lack of respect. These are things that a man doesn’t like about the woman he loves.

  • Women who think they have the right to dispose of our time don’t like any man

There are all kinds of toxic relationships. These relationships can last for years even though they do not live happily. Both families are like this and they are not surprised or alarmed to live with the same problem. A woman making plans without consulting you first is really annoying.

A healthy couple makes plans for each other. If your partner doesn’t have time to coordinate something you find a way to let him know your intentions. A phone message helps a lot to maintain couple communication. A man shouldn’t be bothered by a dominant partner, he should make her understand with propriety and love.

In short, relationship problems are not going to go away. One or the other always has false ideas of how the relationship should be. The important thing is that each one tries to be better every day.

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