5 Habits You Only See In Really Happy Couples

They go to bed at the same time.
Remember when you first started dating and never sat alone in the living room in front of the TV while your partner had already gone to bed? No, exactly, because when you were newly in love you made sure to go to bed at the same time. Going to bed together is ending the day together. It’s an important habit to keep.

They have, or find, common interests.
It’s important to want to do and enjoy doing things together. You don’t, for obvious reasons, have to share all your hobbies with your partner, it’s healthy to have your own activities but you should also have things that you enjoy doing together as a couple. Whether it’s working out together, picking out an exciting new restaurant to visit or rushing home after work to binge-watch the latest Downton Abbey season, keep doing it.

They touch each other.
The little details, the touches and the proofs of love are ever present. Holding hands, hugging or putting your arm around your partner increases closeness and is an important factor in the lives of happy couples. After many years together, it is easy to forget intimacy. Don’t: keep touching each other, buying small gifts and sending sweet messages.

They don’t bicker about meaningless things.
Happy couples highlight the positive things their partner does. This means that constant picking, nagging and criticism are absent. If something bothers you, talk to your partner about it – or let it go.

They do all that stuff we joke about: they kiss each other hello and say I love you.
Before you leave for work in the morning, kiss your partner goodbye and tell him/her you love him/her. When you get home after a long day at work, do the same. Your morning and evening greetings should be something you look forward to. When you start kissing and sharing your feelings often, you will appreciate each other more. People easily forget that the little things make a difference.