8 tips to fight the routine

If you hate the routine that sets up in your couple, if you hate doing the same thing every day, don’t be surprised… I suggest ten tips to overcome this routine! Let’s goooo 

1) Rediscover the word surprise

A small gift hidden under the pillow, small attentions. It’s time to surprise each other without ruining yourself. Time should not erase your romanticism and remove the small attentions of the beginning of the relationship.

2) Program yourself escapades

Not necessarily on the other side of the world, there are some very nice and romantic places in USA as much as a trip to Australia. The best way to get this getaway out of your routine is not to plan it. But hey, we got you some great stuff to do in Paris if you want some ideas.

3) Book outings for two

Even during the week, leave the excuse of tiredness, a small restaurant, a movie, whatever but an activity that you do only the two of you, without friends or children! To get together and get out of your TV dinner-dinner-evening with the experts, there is nothing better.

4) Go out on your own

Organize a chick party while he’s having a little fun on his side. This kind of evening will create a lack and offer you a nice reunion! You’ll have new things to talk about, outside of your everyday life.

5) Stay glamorous

Try to remain coquettish and desirable in the eyes of your darling and vice versa. Avoid getting into a discussion while you’re in the bathroom, even if you’ve been together for six years.

6) Try activities never done as a pair

Share something other than laundry, ironing and other household chores. Do something you’ve never done before: bungee jumping, a wellness moment, whatever you do as long as you discover it together.

7) Laugh

It may seem trivial but it can be very effective, you can opt for the naughty little sentence that will make your darling smile and offer you a hot evening or for the good joke (which may only make you laugh). You have to let go, it will allow you to forget the worries and worries of everyday life for a while.

8) A drunken evening

A small aperitif dinner will offer you a beautiful evening in perspective. You are at home no need to take the car, you can let loose and there is a good chance that this evening will end under the comforter.

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