7 Signs That You No Longer Love Your Partner

I don’t love him anymore – such a statement is not an easy one and often a long process. After all, how can you tell that you don’t love someone anymore and you’d better end the relationship? We know 7 signs that give you clear indications.

Separation: How can you tell that you don’t love someone anymore?

Everything was just so beautiful. And then, stealthily, it slowly creeps away. It happens in waves that were so big and significant at first – and then become smaller and smaller, until at some point they just gently slosh to the shore, where the water laps insignificantly. We fall out of love. And sometimes this happens so insidiously that we hardly notice it ourselves – or don’t want to admit it.

We cannot control our feelings. So it’s hardly surprising that sometimes not only one of us cries when we break up: after all, we’ve hoped for so much, wanted so much, fought for so much. But even if both partners had great feelings, they can suddenly wane in one of them. And that hurts – for both of you. Nevertheless, you have to admit to yourself when the time has come to let your partner go. These signs indicate that you just don’t love your partner anymore.

you do not miss him
Spatial separation often reveals the true meaning of a relationship – sometimes painfully. If you don’t see your partner for a while and enjoy the freedom more than looking forward to seeing them again, you should question your feelings.

you prefer to be alone
After a long day, there’s nothing better than falling into your partner’s arms. You’d rather have your peace and quiet? Some people need more time for themselves than others. That’s normal. But when you’ve found the right person, you don’t see a meeting as an additional burden, but as the perfect relaxation in your everyday life – even if it’s just so you can fall asleep next to each other.

you plan your future without him
In three weeks is the big silver wedding of relatives and you plan to go alone. Why? Have you really just forgotten about your partner or is he already out of your life by then? This applies to small events, but also to your own life: Do you see yourself growing old together with your partner? This sign is unfortunately clear: If you can’t imagine a future with him, you don’t love your partner anymore.

you speak of him in the past tense
Ouch. This often happens unconsciously. When meeting your best friend, you like to nag him about the relationship – but talking about him in the past tense already? In such cases, your subconscious tells you more than clearly that you have already closed inside.

he is no longer the first person you tell everything to
Whether it’s good news, bad news, or just the latest gossip, you used to want to share everything with your partner right away. Now it’s more like a friend you call. Your partner doesn’t seem to be the most important person in your life anymore.

sweet messages make you unhappy
Not long ago, your heart would have been doing somersaults when a love message from your partner appears on your phone. Now it’s getting all heavy. You would love to be happy – any other woman would wish for such messages – but you just don’t. As much as you want the relationship to work, if you don’t love him anymore, it won’t work.

you just feel it
You clicked on this article. And after reading through all the signs, you just have to listen deep inside yourself: Because actually, you already knew it. You don’t love him anymore. When love wanes, you may suppress the waning feelings for a while and not want to admit it. But deep down, you know you have to face the fact that the relationship is at an end.