If You And Your Partner Get Through This, It Will Last

In a relationship, you go through ups and downs. There are some challenges that are really tough, but getting through them together can strengthen your love so it lasts forever. If you and your partner have gone through any of the following things, you’ll probably last forever.

Long-distance relationships
Being apart while being a couple can feel heavy. It requires patience, love and trust. If you and your partner have been apart for a while, you’ve probably learned a lot of lessons that will strengthen your relationship in the future.

Losing a loved one
Supporting your partner and going through grief together is incredibly hard – but it makes you stronger as a couple.

Moving in together
After a move, you have nothing left to hide. If you’ve been living together, you’ve probably accepted your bad habits and learned to compromise and love each other anyway.

When work takes over
Are you dating someone who works so much that it often takes time and energy away from your relationship? If you sort it out and work your way to a solution that feels good for both of you, you’ve become a really strong team that will last all the way!

Conflicts over money
Different incomes, expenses and priorities can mess things up. But if you get through the financial part, it’s one step closer to a well-functioning relationship that can last forever.

When your friends don’t get along
Sometimes your friends don’t get along with your partner, or maybe your partner’s friends don’t get along with your friends? Getting the whole group of friends to get along, or resolving the situation so you can hang out with your friends during holidays and events is the key to a long and healthy relationship.

Jealousy may never go away, but if you’ve found a way to work with it so it doesn’t take a toll on your relationship, you’ll have safeguarded yourself for a relationship that will last.