10 “rules for happy couples”

It is said that to save a relationship, you have to make an effort. But what should that effort be? To keep love alive, it’s worth remembering the little everyday things. Here’s how people who live happily ever after behave. These are mini-stories from real lives. Maybe you can adapt something for yourself?

  • They smile no matter how tired they are
    Mornings are often crazy for married couples. They’re in over their heads getting the kids ready for school, sometimes they don’t even have a decent breakfast, but they always try to do it with a smile. She really does work miracles.
  • Gives each other space
    There are moments when both partners look at each other and understand each other without words: it’s time for themselves. She goes to paint and he goes to the other room to read or watch his favourite TV series. When they are reunited, they seem to have missed each other again and can spend quality time together.
  • Helping each other without asking for a reward
    Love is often made up of little things. If one runs to close the gate or buy milk for breakfast in the pouring rain, the other gets up to a crying baby two nights in a row and feels like sharing kindness. No reproaches – that’s the secret.
  • Creating daily rituals
    Every morning before work, they play a game of checkers or have another ritual at breakfast. It seems like no big deal, but the game not only wakes you up and gets you ready for the day, it also brings you together around the table.
  • Hugs every day
    When someone comes home from work, the two of them share a hug. Not necessarily as soon as they walk through the door. It’s always a hug, whether the couple is angry or not.
  • Hear each other
    It’s great to be able to finish each other’s sentences, but do we really know what our other half is thinking? Naturally, men like to solve problems and suggest solutions. But the more attentive ones realise that when a woman is angry, she just wants to be heard and understood. She doesn’t want an answer, she just needs support to figure things out for herself.
  • Fooling around together…
    Happy couples like to joke around. They improvise and laugh at many things: TV shows, pictures on the internet, even their own little failures. By not being too serious, partners release the stress of the day and enjoy each other’s company more sincerely.
  • …and remain serious when necessary
    At bedtime, couples may have a “sensitive hour” when they confide in each other about personal matters. The one who is listening cannot reproach, only say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I understand” or “I forgive you”. Such conversations are liberating.
  • Finding ways to make your partner happy
    Partner makes a cup of tea and brings it to bed or makes a delicious breakfast. Or maybe he or she makes a surprise picnic in nature. It’s a small thing, but it lifts the mood.
  • Slowly spending time together
    On weekends, they like to spend their evenings in the living room, on the terrace or balcony. They drink wine or tea, eat cakes, chat and make plans, and jokingly try to predict what the dog is thinking, whether it’s theirs or the neighbours passing by.