According To Study: These Things Happy Couples Share With Each Other

A study has found out what items happy couples share with each other. Here come the results.

What characterizes a happy relationship? And how do you have a fulfilling relationship in the first place? Well, there are all kinds of formulas, tips and rules. Let’s remember the Michelangelo effect, which is supposed to be the secret of a happy relationship. Just like the 2-2-2 rule, which is supposed to ensure that our love happiness lasts forever. On the one hand, it is of course important to share experiences, memories and thoughts with each other. It is a well-known fact that this brings people together. But what about material things? That’s what a study by the British cleaning company “End of Tenancy Cleaning Service” has found out.

What items do happy couples share?
In the course of the study, about 4,300 people were asked which everyday objects they shared with their partner* or occasionally used by him or her. Individuals were able to choose from a list of items which they shared with their partner. One item was particularly popular.

Happy couples share cutlery
As the study revealed, 86 percent of respondents see no problem in sharing their cutlery with their loved one. This is closely followed by lip balm at around 81 percent and the towel (79 percent). In the other places are tweezers (70 percent), nail clippers (62 percent), soap (61 percent) and deodorant (57 percent).

Couples tend not to share these items
Items such as toothbrushes, underwear and razors came in last place – well, that doesn’t seem to be a big surprise. We’d rather keep our toothbrush to ourselves, then.

By the way, happy couples do these 5 things differently:

  • They give each other trust.
  • They show each other respect.
  • They give their partner enough space.
  • They communicate with each other.
  • They take enough time for tenderness.