Prepare dinner together
For those evenings when you’re at home, you can choose to cook dinner together in a warm and physical contact atmosphere that only your home can provide. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but tasty, maybe a salad, a steak, something baked or just some pasta.

When we do activities that are part of our daily lives, we share those little things that build great relationships.

Organise a “movie night” at home
It sounds corny, but if you prepare your favourite nibbles, good wine and a movie to match, the evening can become very interesting. Try to choose a movie that would appeal to both of you and not just one partner.

Dinner out – just the two of you
A fancy dinner out in a place that gives you privacy with your favourite food and drink will help you get out of your rut. Either leave home together or talk about meeting up straight after work.

An evening with friends
One evening a week or a few a month, seeing your mutual friends is an excellent way to get out of your routine, build memories, strengthen your couple and also enjoy the warm friendship of your loved ones. Meetings with those faithful friends who support your couple always bring a good vibe to your relationship.

Sunset walks
Evening strolls together in the open air, on the boulevards or in the park help you enjoy yourselves and exercise simultaneously. Experts say that long walks help us relieve stress, sleep better, release inner tension and restore inner balance.

An evening of games: for two or with friends
Game nights are great for any relationship. Both games for two and games with friends energise you, create countless reasons to smile or even laugh heartily and are considered significant for couples.

You can choose board games when there are several of you or even video games. If you can, you can also opt for outdoor games.

Dinner under the sunset
Perhaps in an orchard with flowering trees or on the front lawn, perhaps in a park or river, a picnic in nature can bring peace, calm and romance to a couple. Don’t forget to have your favourite food, chilled wine and… mosquito spray on hand.

An evening in… the amusement park
For adrenaline-seeking couples, an evening at an amusement park spent as a couple or with your bravest friends is a great way to get out of the daily routine.

An unforgettable evening at a concert by your favourite artists
Concerts uniquely energise us, rekindling the flame of youth in our soul and the spirit of freedom. Don’t miss going together to the concerts of your favourite artists; these evenings can become unforgettable!

Theatre, cinema, opera tickets
Another idea for a romantic evening together is to surprise your partner with a ticket to the theatre, the opera or a new film at the cinema. These outings feed our soul and our need for art, socialising and culture.