Signs that you love your partner too much

If you’re the kind of woman who treats her husband as the centre of the universe, then your thoughts are always on him alone and you judge yourself on whether he’s happy. Even if his plans are always more important than yours and his word is the last word, you love him madly. Is it really possible to love too much?

As the website points out, such women are ready to love someone else unconditionally, just not themselves. She only feels happy when her life mate is happy. Her wishes and dreams are completely irrelevant. Unfortunately, such women rarely realise how much they give and how little they receive in return. After all, a harmonious relationship must be based on mutual understanding and love.

So make sure you don’t love your other half too much:

  • You are always thinking about what to do to make him happy.
    Imagine that he comes home from work feeling tired and sad. He complains to you about how unlucky he was today and mentions, in passing, that a big helping of homemade meatballs would be a comfort. His wish is your command, so you rush off to peel potatoes even though you had other plans. For example, you have a project to finish by tomorrow. If you recognise yourself in this situation, you probably love your husband too much.

Women often feel too responsible for their husbands’ troubles and mood swings. Remember that even the most delicious meals will not solve your husband’s problems. By letting you go over his head and completely deny him your needs, he is only using you. Yes, you can do anything for the one you love, but not anything that will humiliate you or make you give up your interests completely. If you continue to behave like a merciful nun, you run the risk of your husband seeing you as a mother instead of a lover. And he needs a lover!

  • You care for him very much and not at all for yourself.
    For example, if you often buy him new clothes, but can’t remember when you bought something for yourself, think about it. It’s great if you take care of your loved one, but you should also take care of yourself. After all, you are a woman! If you stop taking care of yourself, you’ll end up being a shadow of yourself, which one day he’ll just not notice.
  • You don’t go out with your girlfriends just to spend more time with him.
    The worst thing a woman can do is to stop seeing her friends just because she is afraid that her husband cannot spend an evening alone without her caring for him, or because her husband simply does not like it. If you only see your friends when your husband is not at home, and if you pick up the phone to talk to a friend when he walks into the room, you know that you really love him too much. As a rule, it is important for women to have girlfriends. After all, they are the only ones who can understand and comfort you if your relationship is not going well.
  • Your goals are not as important as his.
    Don’t turn down a career move, a training opportunity or a seminar that interests you just because your other half might not like it. Perhaps you are giving up your life goals because you think his life goals are more important? But that is not the case. In a harmonious couple, partners should encourage each other to pursue their dreams. Of course, you may have to give up some things for the person you love, but certainly not your whole life. After all, if you have no personal goals, think about whether you will still be interesting to him.
  • You want to kiss too often and always give in.
    There’s nothing wrong with kissing him occasionally to comfort him or just to show affection, but if you’re always kissing him, you’ll just start to get sick of him. Also make sure you don’t neglect him. If you are being supportive even when you think he is doing the wrong thing, that is not good. Remember that you can have your say and it certainly doesn’t make you love him less. Also wonder if you are the only one who always apologises after every fight. You may think that everyone will be better off if he thinks that he has won this fight too. But if you always give in to him, he may simply start to disrespect you.
  • Make love when he wants it and satisfy his every whim in bed.
    physical contact is an expression of love between two people. Two people. You are mistaken if you think that you must make love whenever he wants you to. When you make love, you should both think about how to satisfy your partner. If you have repeated over and over again that you are not in the mood for it today, but he still wants it in the end, you are likely to feel exploited, which will not strengthen your relationship.