Do you want him forever: 7 important rules

Have you ever met a couple whose love has stood the test of time for more than half a century? Have you ever wondered how they’ve managed to hold onto their relationship for so long? It’s naive to think that they haven’t had problems and quarrels… And yet, they’ve stayed together. What is their secret? Of course, there is no exact answer to this question. Because everything is individual, all people are different and their relationships are also different. But almost all happy couples follow certain rules, and now we will dwell on them.

Say to yourself every day, “I love you!”
It seems trite, but many couples are so immersed in everyday life, work and raising children that they don’t even say words of love to each other in moments of physical contact. It may seem redundant and simple, but sincerely spoken, these words are like balm for the soul. When one hears them regularly, one begins to feel happier and more confident.

Sleep together
You should sleep in the same bed and go to bed at the same time – it’s no coincidence that our grandmothers advised us to do just that, as one of the surefire ways to bring a couple closer together. Well, at least try to do it sometimes, even if your partner is a lark and you’re a night owl. At bedtime, it’s helpful to discuss the past day and then snuggle and fall asleep. When there is bodily contact, it brings people together, makes them happy, and their relationship stronger. By the way, there should be no phones in bed because there are more interesting things to do!

Try to find common interests
Partners should not only be loving hearts, but also friends. By the way, the relationship that started with friendship is quite strong. This does not mean that your partner should learn to embroider and you should become a football fan. Just find something that will be interesting for both of you.

Make up a ritual together
You need to have some sort of ritual that you don’t break under any circumstances, even when you’re gossiping. For example, a compulsory walk with the whole family on a day off or something else, but you should always observe it.

Hold hands
When you go somewhere with your better half, hold her hand. Let everyone around you see that you are a happy couple. And no matter how many years you’ve been together – a year or almost 30 years, hold hands, psychologists advise.

Be proud of your partner
You should support your partner in every way, and it’s also important to be proud of his or her small and big victories. Praise is important for everyone – right from childhood. This way he becomes more self-confident, happier and will do even more than he has already achieved. Do not forget about it!

Learn to forgive
A very important skill to learn in a relationship is the ability to forgive your partner. There are times when it is impossible to forgive and you need to break the relationship immediately. But it is not about petty grievances that are not worth the big dramas. Learn to ask for forgiveness and respectively forgive your loved one!

Relationships are a joint “work” of two loving hearts. If you want your union to be happy and last a long time, follow these simple rules and it will really happen!