How to deal with a difficult woman?

Men know it, women come from another world. They have regular mood changes. They can be indecisive and very annoying. But that’s perfectly normal, some will say. It’s simply the woman, by definition and by nature. You’re certainly right not to pay attention to it. And no matter what kind of woman you like, she will always have many things in common (both good and bad) with others. So before you seduce her, you need to be prepared to deal with this kind of situation. In fact, I can tell you that you are very lucky if you come across this type of woman.

In fact, while you find a solution to manage your partner’s mood changes, some men regularly struggle to manage a difficult woman. This is the kind of woman who won’t give you a moment’s peace. You see the one you can’t calm down with tender words and valuable gifts? And never say that it only happens to others. No matter how hard you try to run away from this kind of woman, you may fall under the spell of one of them. That’s why today I’m teaching you the basic techniques and tips for dealing with a difficult woman.

Who are difficult women

Let’s not skip any steps. Before we even get into the subject, I would like to clarify what is meant by a difficult woman. We often use this term, but do you know exactly what it is? You may think that this person with whom you share your life is difficult, but is this really the case? You may think that your wife behaves like every other woman, but are you sure she is not to be classified as a difficult woman? Here are a few explanations that will help you better understand the subject.

The main characteristics of the difficult woman

Difficult women can be easily recognized based on their way of life and their daily behavior. In general, she is difficult if :

She is boring (except that this is not enough since all women are boring).

  • She has a strong character
  • She has great self-confidence
  • She can be a real fury when she’s angry.
  • She is indecisive and really doesn’t know what she wants in life.
  • She’s gotten into the habit of taking you back each time.
  • It makes you constantly live an interrogation
  • She finds it hard to trust you
  • She criticizes everything and at all times
  • She is demanding about everything that concerns her body.

How to recognize it?

The difficult woman is the one who has one or more of the characteristics I listed (she may even have them all). Recognizing her is therefore a very easy task. Moreover, you only need to spend a few days with her to spot some of these characteristics. But whether she has all of them or only some of them, as a man you have the ability to handle this situation. At first, you’ll feel like you’re on an obstacle course. However, if you follow my advice to the letter, there is no reason to be afraid.

1- Hold your head

Most men who live with a difficult woman tend to make themselves very small so as not to create a mess. No one wants to be the source of a love storm. So this is a technique you’ve found to avoid upsetting your sweetheart. It is also a way to install permanent calm in your couple. However, it is a serious mistake on your part. Here is why.

She will take it as a defeat

Yes, this technique will work wonders in the short term. Instead of having to stand up to it, you decide to lower yourself down while keeping your fingers crossed that the situation doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately, your wife will never know that her behaviour is annoying you. She may cling even more to this bad habit. Worse, she may become even harder on you because you’re being small in front of her. The difficult woman doesn’t need a man who puts himself down. This is like telling her that you are weak and that she can do whatever she wants with you. And to tell the truth, that’s not what we’re looking for here.

She’ll get tired of you

At the beginning, it will certainly amuse him. Seeing a man put himself down like this can be a real source of satisfaction. And she won’t hesitate to get into your game to see how far you can go. Except that after a while it won’t be very funny anymore. It will start to get tired of you. Difficult women love a challenge. And since you already let yourself be trampled and belittled, she won’t have anything to gain from it. Gentlemen! Wake up! Show that you are a dominant evil and don’t let this happen in your life.

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