4 Signs That It’s Time To Break Up With Your Partner

Many people stay in relationships that should have ended a long time ago. Breakups are never fun, and it’s easy to push them aside because you don’t have the energy to go through it, even though you should. Here are five signs that it’s time to break up.

You’re relying on someone other than your partner for emotional support
Do you no longer ask your partner for help when you’re having a hard time or when something difficult has happened in your life? Sure, you don’t always have to ask your partner for support; your parents or friends can be just as good for that. But if you always choose not to lean on your partner’s shoulder, something is wrong. Ask yourself why you no longer see your partner as your main pillar of support.

You have more bad moments than good
No, a relationship isn’t great all the time. You can have bad days and less good periods where you have to work a little extra on the relationship. But to think that a relationship needs drama, fights and chaos for it to be passionate is just wrong. And if your relationship is more bad than good, it’s time to put a stop to it.

You’re looking for trouble
If you or your partner are constantly looking for little things to whine or fight about, it’s a big indication that something is not right. Maybe you’ve started to get annoyed by a habit your partner has that you used to think was really cute? Or maybe your partner keeps bringing up some old argument every time you mention something close to that topic? Arguing should not be an everyday occurrence in a relationship.

You ignore each other
Would you rather spend an entire evening checking your phone instead of talking to your partner? Or does your partner take the first best chance to get away from your home? If you no longer want to spend time with each other and continue to get to know each other in order to take a step forward in the relationship, it’s time to break up.