How Can You Motivate Your Partner Who Doesn’t Want To Work?

When your partner doesn’t want to work, it can affect the harmony of the household. To avoid major conflicts, it is important to resolve the situation as soon as possible and to try to motivate your partner.

Wondering how to motivate your partner who doesn’t want to work?

Work and personal frustrations can have a really negative impact on a person. This can often cause a couple to experience difficulties during these periods. If a person is not willing to work, it can lead to not only marital problems, but also financial problems. However, although this may seem like an impossible situation, it is not.

It is only when a when the surrounding conditions are at their worst that you really see how a person reacts to unhappiness. Therefore, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of the current situation. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse and worse for both parties.

How to motivate your partner who doesn’t want to work

Be patient
Having your partner just sit at home all the time and not looking for work can obviously be frustrating. However, remember to stay calm and avoid arguing. This probably isn’t your partner’s first choice, and it’s probably hurting his or her self-esteem too.

You need to give your partner some time to recover their energy. However, remember to pay attention to his or her reactions. It’s perfectly normal for your partner to be nervous or in a bad mood. In fact, your partner may feel like a burden to the family as someone who is not contributing financially. Try not to add to his or her stress.

Identify the real cause
Although it may seem difficult, the only way to solve these problems is to talk about them. Then you can discover the real reason why your partner doesn’t want to work.

Sometimes the difficulties in finding a job (such as age, experience, abilities, etc.) can cause depression. Another reason can be that you don’t know what you want to do, so you choose to do nothing instead.

It could also be that your partner is comfortable and has no plans to find a job or be productive in the near future. The key is to identify why your partner doesn’t want to work to help him or her solve the problem.

Redistribute household chores to motivate your partner
Even if your partner doesn’t want to work, doing nothing is not the answer. You can redistribute family chores to give your partner more tasks and make him or her feel involved and productive. This should be suggested as a cooperative measure.

Household chores help your partner stay busy and also teach your partner to value time differently. This is also beneficial for you, as you can use this new free time to catch up on your own work or other tasks that have piled up.

It is likely that after some time has passed, your partner will want to get active and start looking for work again. However, sometimes new social interactions and connections may be needed to help motivate an individual.

Give encouragement to motivate your partner
The best way to encourage a person is to boost their self-esteem about their own abilities by praising them or giving them affection. We can help them prepare for a job hunt without being pushy.

It’s a good opportunity to show your partner that while nothing is easy, it’s not impossible either. The best advice is not to worry about starting small and just set small goals. Examples of good goals include starting with a part-time job, a temporary job or a job in a different industry. While it may not seem like the perfect start, it is still a start, and will help motivate your partner.

Talk about how it affects your family
It’s also important to start talking, a little at a time, about how this situation affects your family as a whole.

One thing you need to talk about is how long your partner really expects to be out of work. Another thing to talk about is limiting the family budget to avoid going into debt or being put in other difficult financial situations.

The most important thing when having these tough conversations where you are trying to motivate your partner is to have a positive outlook, be diplomatic and present these solutions as temporary and not so serious.