5 Signs That You Are In A Healthy, Happy Relationship, According To Science

No one can guess if the relationship will last over time, if it can weaken or if it can be strengthened.

If there were a magic formula to be happy with a sentimental partner, it would save a lot of broken hearts, time and even economic resources. Since ancient times, the phenomenon of love has been studied in depth, so much so that psychologists, philosophers, scientists and others interested in the area have taken on the task of investigating what elements and characteristics make up a happy relationship.

It is important to remember that at the beginning of every sentimental relationship, that is, during the falling in love phase, everything seems to be perfect and the relationship promises to be forever. However, as time goes by, couples get to know each other better, sometimes generating arguments or differences between them. No one can guess if the relationship will last over time, if it can be weakened or if it can be strengthened. However, science has managed to make approximate estimates from studies and research that conclude in 7 key signs to know if a relationship is healthy and happy.

  1. Having past partners:

according to Dr. Jacqui Gabb, an expert in romantic relationships, those who have once been in love and suffered for love should not remember and repress that experience to “bottle it up” in a corner. Instead, they should learn from it to identify warning signs and crises that may arise in the future in another couple.

  1. They met online:

according to a study by the University of Chicago, Harvard and Gestalt Research, couples who meet through apps like Tinder, Bumble or others whose purpose is to find a relationship are more satisfied and less likely to break up than those who meet at work or at a party.

  1. They do not post pictures on social networks:

according to the results of a recent research, those who do not share photos, stories and videos of their relationship across all social media platforms are the happiest, since they are not looking for other people to validate their relationship and how they live it.

  1. They watch series and movies together:

it’s all about quality time. It may seem that they are not taking advantage of plans with friends or that they are just “wasting time”, but on the contrary, they are actually taking care of their relationship and their health, according to a group of researchers.

5. Don’t have children:

One of the most extensive social studies in Great Britain reveals that it is better not to have children if you want to be as happy as possible. The British research recommends enjoying yourself during the years when you are not yet ready to have children.

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